I just lost Whamageddon because someone put Last Christmas in an Instagram story and this was a rare occasion when I had the volume up. Dirty pool.

@meena I've heard the Hilary Duff cover at least three times, but not Wham until now!

@erinbee I'm still in the game, but mostly because I rarely consume any media other than print.


Apparently I'm the only human alive who finds this song merely bland and forgettable. Like everything by Wham! In fact, by the time I hit the *toot!* button I'll have forgotten them all over again.

@xenophora It is bland, but so ubiquitous in public this time of year.

On the opposite end of where you stand on Wham, my partner was shocked to find out they performed Last Christmas and listed off several of their other songs and was like, "The same Wham!?"

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