Someone just whizzed past me on a brightly lit one wheel, leaving a trail of cotton candy vape exhaust. This is the future 80s entertainment predicted.

@erinbee you didn't mention music, so we have to imagine what they were listening to on their AirPods™ - but it's not that hard to imagine

@ranjit I had some synthpop on, so let's call it even.

@erinbee i went for a walk in the park with my dog just now, and a troop of lit up one wheel offroaders in helmets zipped past. No vaping though.

@erinbee Like a one-wheel motorcycle? I saw one of those the other day, @sunsetmoth was with me and about had to take the wheel because I was pretty sure I was having a stroke.

It made more sense once it had gone past and I realized that the engine sound I was hearing was from a neighboring car and that the monocycle was electric.

@gamehawk No, one of the electric balance board skateboards with one big fat wheel in the middle.

And oh my gosh, I'd probably think I was having an ocular migraine if I thought I saw half a motorcycle go by.

@erinbee It looked normal coming at me and then it got close enough I could see something was very wrong but the road was curvy and I was like "gotta not drift into the other lane or into the curb but WHAT AM I SEEING?!"

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