Just a feeling: A lot of people lose interest in Mastodon because they were expecting a 1:1 Twitter replacement, when in reality it's more like a bunch of people from disparate special interest message boards meeting in the middle at Tumblr with a better reply interface.

@erinbee very much so. I also appreciate people seeking a new space online, but I don't want twitter-like "culture" to come along. It's so much more interactive and genuine here and I really hope that vibe sticks as it grows.

Happy to see growth, hopefully in the process, people realize there's other ways to shape your relationship with social media

@twisterghost @erinbee I mean the vibe/culture isn't really that different to Twitter circa 2007, execpt there's already more people on my timeline as I've found Twitter mutuals here. I think the vibe you're looking for really ended in September 1993 "Eternal September"

@VijayRandomNumber @twisterghost @erinbee I wonder if it's a bit of a stretch to have to go all the way back to 1993. I agree about the early Twitter, though. Most people I know got on around 2008/09 for San Diego Comic-Con and used it mostly to keep up with each other.

@bix @twisterghost @erinbee Yeah, it's probably a stretch to go back quite that far, but Eternal September is the most famous turning point in early modern online culture. Choosing a date in the late '90s or early '00s is a lot harder & feels more arbitrary - maybe the .com bubble or the rise of "web 2.0" are the other turning points I could have chosen, but they're not really as specific.

@erinbee Yeah I feel like the right way to think about Mastodon is not "I need to make a Mastodon account," it's "I need to find a cool Mastodon Instance" or better yet, start your own Mastodon instance with the friends on your group Discord server.

@erinbee without the porn though (yet), unfortunately.

@erinbee ah, this is a great description of mastodon... gotta use that the next time my friend ask me about it

@erinbee I hated it when everybody left the messageboards for Facebook & Twitter, so I feel right at home here 🙂


it's just the network effect. hard to feel drawn to somewhere that doesn't have a lot you want to see. it's best to build a community server, but I'd also recommend keeping both accounts and crossposting while encouraging your Twitter peeps to also join the fedi. if enough of us do this, we can eventually just stop going to Twitter.

@erinbee I wish I could pin other people’s posts to my profile, just for this one.

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