I just saw an ad for "Pants made from plants: ditch your denim." Uhhhhh, who wants to tell them?

@erinbee Finally, protection for the rare and majestic Denim Whale.

Jeans: can you feel your heart burning? can you feel the struggle within? the fear within me is beyond anything your soul can make. you cannot kill me in a way that matters

@erinbee finally, meat-based pants get called out like they deserve

@erinbee next you're telling us they have a sturdy slightly ribbed texture and they're whiteish blue

@alinanorakari Ha, nope. The ones in the ad were soft multicoloured stripes.

@erinbee I have a minor shrine to St Savage in my home. he is an inspiration to us all. 😂

@erinbee omg no but I need one now. a friend of mine did me a framed piece of art with Savage as a catholic saint, it's very good.

@erinbee to be fair, the cotton content in jeans has plunged in the last 10-15 years. 70% + spandex is all too common and very difficult to recycle. But that makes this messaging worse! Don't ditch them! Wear them forever! Then find a way to reuse the fabric!

@erinbee hah, I just saw you say elsewhere that they're Pact pants. That company must have got a huge injection of investor cash because they're all over my Instagram ads and in my mailbox. They feel very fast fashion-y to me.

@paparatti Agreed. There are so many jeans out there that thrift stores don't even always want them.

And yeah, the amount of advertising has me wondering what's up. They're mostly organic cotton and fair trade, so investment or hoping to get bought out by a large chain makes sense.

@erinbee you mean cotton is synthetic ? I'm shocked shocked I say.

@Sh4d0w_H34rt Cotton is an abbreviation - Crude Oil Textiles Totally Okay and Normal.

@erinbee many times, jeans have leather on them which isn’t plant-based or synthetic. Maybe that’s what they meant? I know quite a few vegan people who don’t really buy jeans because the jeans themselves are vegan but the branding label (pun accidental on my part) is made of leather so they won’t buy.

@ikora True, but I think in this case it just ended up being careless wording. The pants they were advertising were a hemp/organic cotton blend and kind of softly structured. What they were probably going for was telling people to ditch their hard pants for soft ones and a focus on being all natural, and it didn't come across that way at all.


<quick checks label> Wait, wut? 2% Elasthane? <more dig> 3% spandex? <deeper> Ah! Wrangler®, 100% Algodon! ❤️

@erinbee The only thing I can find that might be the windmill they're tilting against is the addition of spandex in some jeans.

But yeah, looks like another bunch of folks that are trying to make hemp fabric a thing, nevermind that most jeans are at least 98% cotton.

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