When you ask to stop at the taberna, but Mater says "No, we have bread and cheese at home."


The story behind this is wild: Someone in Texas found this bust at the thrift store, and paid $35 for it. It turns out it's actually 2000 years old and was probably looted by an American soldier during WWII from a replica Roman villa in Germany that had some genuine artifacts as well: bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-6

@wolfteeth Imagine being that worker pricing it: "Nice garden statue. Home Depot has 'em for about $75...so $35 sounds good." *slaps on a sticker*

@erinbee @wolfteeth I wish there was a clue as to how much she’ll be making. It’s an awkward thing, since it was a stolen artifact, but no doubt money changed hands here.

@rabbithats @wolfteeth The article gets into it: Since it was stolen, it's being held by the art museum in Austin until it can go back to Bavaria.

@erinbee @wolfteeth sure, but there were negotiations that lasted weeks, I assume it was about some manner of compensation?

@rabbithats @wolfteeth The New York Times says she got a small finder's fee, which is fairly standard and shouldn't take too long to shake out: nytimes.com/2022/05/06/us/roma

The negotiations probably took so long because rightful ownership had to be proven, and Young wanted one of the conditions to be that the statue spent some time on display on Texas and insurance would have had to have been sorted for all of it.

@erinbee It's crazy that the looters never got...busted. 😐

@erinbee this is so interesting to me. I'm thinking I should go visit the statue while it's still here since I live in San Antonio.

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