Just in awe of how much this guy looks exactly like what I'd expect the inventor of a CD-vinyl hybrid to look like

@rabbithats He does call it "the pinnacle of recorded sound", who talks like that unless they're trying to stick it to Thomas Edison?

@erinbee I can find more news articles about this, but the company cited, named NeoFidelity, does not appear to have a website, so no way to find out more about it...

@Gargron The whole thing kind of feels like a run-around to get people hyped up about Bob Dylan, tbh

@erinbee what is it now, digital info read by a stylus? Sounds like the return of a CED-like format.

@gbraad There doesn't seem to be anything digital about it, it's an aluminum disc with lacquer painted on it, with the grooves for the music etched into the lacquer.

@erinbee he looks like roger stone decided to cosplay as beethoven instead of as a steampunk robber-baron

@karobit This is more accurate than my first impression that it was Steve Martin trying to bite Alfred Molina's Doc Ock look from Spider-Man.

@erinbee god now i want the reality where Steve Martin in full Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-mode was Norman Osborn

@karobit There's still a whole Spider-verse out there, and Steve's still got it in him

@karobit @erinbee I got more "result of a one-night stand between Roger Stone and Brent Spiner" vibes.

@roisin @erinbee its the newest Soong ancestor and this time he’s invented evil music

@erinbee @thegibson he seems to have invented a more wear-resistant version of a vinyl record. Same basic technology, different materials. Not sure what's "CD" about it.

@calcifer @thegibson As far as I can tell, just that it contains metal and is very, very shiny

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