I'm enjoying looking at everyone else's pictures, so: One like, one image from my phone. If it's a picture of food and I want to talk about it, that'll be behind a cw.

The thrift store had a bunch of brand new silk scarves and I kind of regret not grabbing two more to make a pillowcase.

This is the book I was talking about yesterday. Took it with me on a picnic a few weekends ago.

Something was up with these streetlights and they were giving off a purplish light, but my camera only wanted to capture it as cobalt blue. Oh, white balance.

My brother sent this to me because he knew I'd ask "Why is Pikachu dabbing?"

Someone must have been turned down the day before Valentine's.

Food, illness mention 

Give the people what they want, and what they want is cookie dough that won't give them salmonella! 🙏

I washed a load of fuschia towels, and the lint was pretty great.

Food, sugar rush 

My partner bought these at the import snack store and I haven't hit the right mood to try them yet. On one hand, I know these will be good on ice cream, like a float sundae. On the other, it's giving Bart and Milhouse going on that all-syrup Squishee bender.

We got this for the kid for Christmas, and I just kind of assumed it would go in her room. She likes it in the living room though, and it's now a permanent piece of decor because we all equally live here 🤷‍♀️

Someone on Masto asked, "How would a jack-o'-lantern wear pants?" and I happened to have both a pumpkin and appropriately sized jorts.

Hydrangea going off in all colours because it just doesn't know what to do with this soil.

This Twin Peaks looking trunk in a "Live Laugh Love" kind of home decor store. (That "Wildlife" mug above it might be photos of Sasquatches.)

A light display at Maker Faire. (IIRC, it was controlled by a spectrometer?)

@RyunoKi They're so beautiful, and it's amazing to think that they've been around millions of years.

@checkervest I haven't finished it yet, but it's good. It has a nice balance between the author's own work and short pieces about all sorts of fungal research. One thing that did disappoint me was that it's shorter than it looks, there's so much bibliography! (Which, on the other hand, warms my nerd heart.)

@erinbee my tracking expertise tells me a Bachelor was sad here

@erinbee If you told me this was a weird shelf mushroom you found I would believe you without hesitation

@sashakovich It does! Like this mushroom I took a picture of a few years ago:

Food, sugar rush 

@erinbee I can sense my heart rate rising

@erinbee your selection of photos is great, I'm glad you offered to do this

@erinbee it's looks like it inspired the silk scarf from earlier :autism:

@erinbee this is so pretty and peaceful. reminds me of late summer nights in vancouver.

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