Dracula Daily, May 12 - notes on pacing, really only spoiler-ish if your naive heart thinks the Count's personality might make a 180 by the solstice 

The pacing of Dracula Daily vs. the novel does a disservice to the characterization of Mina. In the novel, Jonathan's journal is uninterrupted until June 30. As readers, we get deep into his mounting terror. Then, suddenly, we're dropped back to May 9.

Dracula Daily, May 12 - notes on pacing 

And it's a letter from Mina. Mina, who Jonathan copied recipes down for. She's burnt out on work, needs a vacation, and lonely for her best friend and her fiance. And she has absolutely no idea all the horrors Jonathan has been going through from the reader's POV. It's easy to be sympathetic for her and it's suspenseful because we know that she can't stop what happens.

Dracula Daily? Yawn, boring Mina writes a boring letter. Take me back to Transylvania.

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