Strange New Worlds delights in its set design, and after so much TV in general being dark or grimly lit, it's a joy to watch.

@erinbee I bet my friend Jeff approves. He always hated some of the TNG films because suddenly the ship was more starkly lit.

@Ricardus And Nemesis was hard to watch because in parts it tried to look Matrix-y.

@erinbee I might have to check it out, one of my wife's and my complaint has been that NuTrek has a lot of J. J. Abrams movie set design with action photography, but part of the charm and allure of old Trek is the theatrical play aspect to it where the drama is plot or character based more than action based. The most memorable moments of old Trek for me would translate completely to a play for example.

@wilbr So far, it feels like a good balance between something like TNG and J.J. Abrams. The first episode has a lot of cinematic moments including a short fight scene, but even that's not shot or edited frenetically. The second episode goes hardcore with beautiful sets, but they're there to serve the plot. SNW seems like it's going to be episodic in the sense that each external problem gets solved in the episode, but character arcs and interpersonal stuff stretch across the season.

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