I bought a pair of grey pants online that turned out to have been dyed with that black dye that smells like sulfur (if you've ever had bad smelling black jeans, you know) and the absurd part of my brain is tempted to try soaking them in Pepto Bismol to see if it binds with the stank particles. It's probably a bad idea because I don't want to stain the pants pink, but I also can't stop thinking about it?

@erinbee it depends what makes the Pepto Bismol pink; it is not necessarily a textile dye. You could try washing a rag in Pepto Bismol and see if it turns pink?


@gannet That's what I'm thinking of. It's got D&C Reds 22 and 28 in it, and enough people saying that peroxide can remove the stain that I'm going to try a rag and Oxyclean.

@erinbee that seems sensible! I think I’d see if it actually dyes the rag before adding the Oxyclean; something’s tickling at my brain about those reds.

@gannet That's what I did, I let it sit for a while, rinsed it, and then did an Oxyclean wash.

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