I bought a pair of grey pants online that turned out to have been dyed with that black dye that smells like sulfur (if you've ever had bad smelling black jeans, you know) and the absurd part of my brain is tempted to try soaking them in Pepto Bismol to see if it binds with the stank particles. It's probably a bad idea because I don't want to stain the pants pink, but I also can't stop thinking about it?

Then again, if the sulfurous smell actually is sulfur it might not matter because bismuth binding with sulfur is what turns your tongue and other stuff black after taking it 🤔

@erinbee Kaopectate's got the same active ingredient, and they have a "vanilla" flavor that lacks all the red dyes of the other stuff. You should do it!


@jcarlson I looked that up ("bismuth subsalicylate not pink") before heading to the pharmacy, and nobody near me sells it. But good news, the pink washed out of a cotton washcloth, so I'm going to give it a try!

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