I should have worn gloves because now one of my hands is bright pink, but these are saturated now. Something is happening, because they smell – not very sulfurous, but strongly like white school glue. I'm going to let them sit a while and then rinse them out.

The intention was to let them sit for about 20 minutes, but they're making a slight fizzing sound which could just be trapped air or could be some kind of reaction. I'm going to leave them while I go do the school run, so maybe another hour and 15. Pepto spends a lot longer in the digestive tract so chemically it seems reasonable, and the dyes shouldn't set a whole lot more if the whole thing stays damp.

Now the washing machine is full of chalky pink water. I'm going to let them agitate for a bit, and then run a rinse or two.

The water has gotten darker and murkier, but I can't get a decent picture to show the difference. The smell upon opening the washer was like Hellmouth and bubblegum. Maybe it's a good thing?

After rinsing until the water ran clear. One of the tags took on a lot of dye, but the fabric and thread look mostly unchanged. It's hard to tell though, because they're still damp. As for smell, they smell like spearmint and something bitter which means it's hard to tell if the dye smell is dissipating or if it's just masked. On to a wash, with detergent because Oxyclean doesn't seem necessary.

Done the wash with detergent. The pink on the tag faded considerably, but my phone doesn't want to pick up the correct colour no matter how much I tinker with the camera settings. If there was any pink left in the fabric, it must be gone. They smell faintly medicinal if I put my face right up to them.

Now to do something risky: Put the pants in the dryer. If the smell is because the black dye reacted to the elastane, heating up the elastane might reactivate it. It's on low, and 🤞

Ready to call Project a (tentative) success. The other techniques I tried before (salt, vinegar, baking soda, combos of those) did nothing. When I started today, the pants smelled strongly like burning erasers and sulfur. I could smell them if I put them on. Now there's a faint bitter scent that can only be detected if I actively get up close for a sniff. Hopefully wearing them doesn't reactivate the smell. I'm going to leave them to air out and settle overnight.

@erinbee omg I love this plan. 🤩 gross, impractical, AND it arguably might work, my trifecta.

@nfagerlund Yeah, there's a reason nobody has tried it yet 😆

@erinbee worst case scenario: the pants *don't* shit themselves


@karobit That's why I had to stop buying pants from here

@erinbee ..... you're really dying pants with pepto??? I cannot wait to see how this goes! ^_^

@bouncinglime I'm hoping to /not/ dye them. They smell like sulfur, and the hope is that since the bismuth in the Pepto reacts with sulfur, it'll bind together and wash away. (Assuming the smell actually is sulfur.)

@erinbee this is the weirdest textile post I’ve seen in a while. And I’m the person who tried spinning steel wool

@erinbee I didn’t say I spun *a lot of it*

It’s really brittle, and getting it near water is a bad idea. Holds together better than dryer lint!

Yes I’m weird. But you knew that. 😀

@erinbee This is my favorite thread in a good while. How interesting that the one tag accepted so much dye!

@cameron It feels like it might be some sort of rayon or treated paper, so it makes sense.

@susannah I should have threaded everything together, but they smell like sulfur so I wondered if the bismuth in Pepto Bismol would counter that (if it actually is sulfur causing the smell):

@erinbee thanks for the context and glad the project seems to be a success!

@erinbee this has been such a fun thread to follow!

@erinbee congratulations! As the owner of sulfurous pants (I don't mind it too much right now), this has been very cool to watch.

@erinbee I think you get to call yourself a student of forbidden alchemy now

@erinbee this was a rollercoaster, I gotta tell ya. Thanks for sharing.

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