Traditional Canadian jobs:
- lumberjack
- farmer who has so much work he needs to adopt an orphan
- Mountie (handsome)
- log driver
- Mountie (goofy)
- maple syrup tapper
- being in Toronto
- gold panner
- librarian (perverted)
- archivist (not perverted)
- lonely cowboy
- contemplation (wilderness or Arctic)
- canoeing
- burning the White House
- tormented by the wheat fields
- married to a French Canadian

I can't believe I forgot the most important job of all: "Hockey Sweater knitter"

On a more serious note: Selling BeaverTails to hungry pilgrims visiting Green Gables is a real Canadian job. (Conflicts with tree planting season though, sorry lumberjacks and wilderness contemplators.)

@evilchili That's not traditional, it wasn't invented until the 50s when someone tapped a gravy well in the Canadian Shield.

@erinbee This is colonial revisionism. The Moose Cree have been drawing gravy for centuries.

@evilchili I never said they didn't! It's that nobody was farming fries there until PEI tried to invade in the 1890s.

@erinbee Oh, I didn't realize you accepted to the PEI wedge fries hypothesis.

@bradysflungtablet It's not the comedian part that's the job, it's the showing up every day with the beer and duct tape.

@erinbee Yeah, the comedian part is just like a fringe benefit.

Same with the trailer park boys.

@erinbee Trailer Park Boys actual jobs:

- Julian: alcohol quality tester
- Bubbles: no kill cat shelter
- Ricky: junk car removal and storage

@erinbee From my extensive studies of Canadian television, I can also confirm the existence of:

* Convenience store proprietor
* Produce stand vendor/Toughest guy in town
* Disgraced hotelier

- scotia bank teller
- weed dealer
- both
- hockey stick bender

- gas station employee
- stoner
- dog (hero)


-Dudley Do-right
-Dudley Do-fine
-Animated Raccoon
-Live-action racoon
-Moose traffic controller
-Juno polisher
-Quebecer/Quebecois Differentiator
-Much Musician
-Flannel Designer
-Neil Old
-Sweet City Woman
-The Green Gabler
-Margaret Atwood
-Margaret Atmetal
-Toque Looper
-Wexit Through The Gift Shopper
-My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)

@erinbee @alex I like that, until I found that out, I wasn't sure exactly where that show was supposed to be taking place.

- fictional girlfriend who turns out to be real
- zambonist
- cross-border shopper
- geneticist (unethical)
- coast guard
- freezing alone in the dark


- chips all-dresser
- heritage minute actor
- rodeo stampede clown
- Gaelic fiddler
- milk bagger
- Tim Horton

@erinbee - Cheap Science Fiction show actor/set designer/producer (all at once, low budget).

@erinbee You should read this out loud while looping the Hinterland Who's Who over it.

@erinbee the Victoria specific addendum seems to be:

- tree planting
- tree felling
- fish counting
- fish catching
- pedicab guide
- flower gardener

@eldang Victoria also has
- castle builder
- politician
- miniature maker
- street performer
- pretending to be British


Custom toque knitter/oatcake empresario
Buddhist lobsterman (a woman)
Struggling poutine maker dreaming of romance

@compostablespork @erinbee
itinerant postman
composer of children's edutainment music (gets you Raffi *and* Fred Penner)

@erinbee traditional US great plains occupations:

- farmer (relatable, doomed)
- farmer with new pickup (asshole)
- gas station clerk
- diner waitress
- angry teenager
- sports teenager
- football coach
- sad english teacher
- college town barista (hot)
- college town barista (surly)
- college town barista (hot, surly, lesbian)
- bartender
- christian missionary in deeply christian region
- meth
- hardware store guy
- chicken factory
- tractor pull driver
- horse aficionado
- moving to colorado

@erinbee I'm married to an archivist who is not a librarian, so I appreciate these distinctions.

Also not Canadian, but we lived in Michigan within reception range of the CBC and vacationed regularly in Toronto

@emacsen I prefer to go foraging for them, but farming them is good, honest work.

@erinbee - Timbit puncher
- Cryptozoologist
- Any TV Actor with Stanley Park as a backdrop
- Leecher of US TV broadcasts
- (Replica Bluenose) sailor
- Replica (Bluenose sailor)
- Doug

@erinbee Since moving to this country decades ago, I can say that I have met a few of the folks on this list despite never visiting anywhere east of Athabasca, AB.

@erinbee *takes notes for potential eventual citizenship exam*

@eldang You already kayak, so you've got it in the bag.

@erinbee ooh, I’ll just wave this chintzy pdf certificate under their noses. “I have the SKILS, now where’s my passport?”

- pirate (Nova Scotia exclusive)
- weed farmer
- cod jigger

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