Has anyone tried removing screen prints/vinyl prints from t-shirts with acetone? There's a Medusa shirt I'd buy and wear the hell out of if it didn't also say "Let's Get Stoned" and I'm trying to decide if this is a feasible experiment.


Depending on how big the type is and the color, it might be more feasible to just go over it with fabric paint and use an abstract design or squiggle to disguise it.

@xenophora Nah, it's pretty big. I was hoping that even if the letters mostly come off, some green streaks would be ok. (Or if the acetone effects the dye, maybe doing a bleach tie dye, too.)


🤔 Is there another way to complete the sentence that you'd like better? I think the font's kinda' neat.

"Let's Rock." ;)

@xenophora Nice.

Yeah, the font's great! I'm just not that into drugs or being careful about what I wear on days I have to drop off/pick up my kid at school.

@chaoseris I wonder how well it would work to do it from the back and just use something like cotton swabs to kind of paint on the acetone to focus it. Thanks!

@erinbee @chaoseris if that’s heat transfer vinyl, it would probably work. If it’s a screen print, the ink is gonna be too embedded in the fabric to just peel off.

@erinbee I would fear that the solvent would destroy the fabric. Another possibility would be ask the creator for the Design for a Fee or to pirate the design and print it via some online service or your local silkscreen printing club.

@Konfusius It shouldn't destroy 100% cotton (I've used cotton pads to remove nail polish), but that's a good point for cotton/polyester blends.

@erinbee it still might attack the black colour. If you give it a try, post the results, I am curious :)

@erinbee I’m a screen printer. We use acetone in a little electric pressure sprayer to take small amounts of ink out of shirts, but usually nothing bigger than a small incidental fingerprint. If you sprayed on that shirt long enough to take all that text out, you’d beat up the fabric pretty good and it would also wick into the print near it that you want to keep and ruin it. I hate to be a downer, but I’d call that a lost cause.

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