This article about making more sustainable clothing choices points out that by wearing a garment twice as many times as the average before discarding it, the environmental impact is lessened by 49%.

It goes on to say that it's hard to get numbers on what average is, but one survey estimates clothes get worn seven times. Looking at all the factors, I understand it. But thinking about how little 14 wears is, 7 hammers home the frantic pace of it all.

@erinbee that number always stuns me since unless it's for formal occasions or something I actively hate (more often from thrift stores anyway), I wear things a lot. Like -- I have some fast fashion tees I bought years ago and have worn dozens of times in the years since... and thinking about it this way, I feel like I haven't had as bad an impact as I might.


@platypus Me too. And part of the bigger picture isn't on individual choices, it's on lack of infrastructure to domestically recycle textiles in the global north instead of just dumping them mostly in Ghana.

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