This article about making more sustainable clothing choices points out that by wearing a garment twice as many times as the average before discarding it, the environmental impact is lessened by 49%.

It goes on to say that it's hard to get numbers on what average is, but one survey estimates clothes get worn seven times. Looking at all the factors, I understand it. But thinking about how little 14 wears is, 7 hammers home the frantic pace of it all.

@checkervest @erinbee I think I wear most of my clothes 7x a month! How is this even real??

@paeneultima @checkervest @erinbee I'm pretty sure I've worn the sweater I currently have on, which I thrifted btw, like 50 times, at least


@derek @paeneultima @checkervest A sturdy sweater is great for that. What's the cost per wear down to now? Less than a quarter?

@erinbee @paeneultima @checkervest given the ESRP of this thing, I'd say about a buck, and yeah, south of a quarter for what I paid for it

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