Fruit, botany, fungi, gun violence 

Any time people talk about the botanical definition of "berry", odds are good that the person who finds out that cucumbers, hot peppers, and bananas are berries but strawberries and raspberries are not ends up just a hair's width from going full "Tell me the name of god, you seed bearing piece of shit."

Fruit, botany, fungi, gun violence 

@erinbee people put way too much credence in botanical definitions. They are but one of many, and human language mostly operates by proximity to prototypes, not strict boundaries.

Oof, you triggered my linguist response. Sorry.


Fruit, botany, fungi, gun violence 

@wlonk Ha, this is much more elegant than what I had to say:

Language is a tool and if you're eating pickles and insist they're delicious berries, people might think you're the tool.

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