Important #question: What's the most (or a few of the most) devastating (gender-neutral) insult you can hurl at a person you don't respect in #English?


@erinbee @Alamantus

*Sighs, and resets counter on number of days since clown was used as a pejorative back to zero.*

Kidding aside, I'd rather 'clown' be used as an insult over anyone punching down at anyone else.


@RussSharek @Alamantus True, good clowns don't deserve the bullshit they get.

@signalstation @erinbee

There are no bad clowns in my experience.

There are, however, plenty of a-holes in greasepaint wrecking things.

So more good by definition?

There is a dutch person/celebrity in greasepaint who abuses the monicker. Ans was considered a funny character for quite some time to many kids. And then you learn about their politics... (Bassie van Adriaan).
@signalstation @erinbee

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