Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

@liaizon @erinbee now I have one extra reason for wanting to visit S. Korea :)

@erinbee "A good tool to download other browsers" 😬 Ouch!

I hope people will have better things to say about me when I'm gone.

Getting old! :) Remember when MS Excel went from a 16,384 row max to 65,536 rows. Could keep track of 4x more CDs in the CD collection.

This is real?
I'd seen the picture, but I had assumed it was a render.

@erinbee RIP MS Internet Explorer. Say hello to MS Edge 😂

@erinbee my understanding is that doing anything online in Korea required (and possibly still does?) some sort of citizen ID, and that any serious online transaction (banking etc) required ActiveX. Hence, IE played an outsized role in the online life of Koreans.

@kai @erinbee not everything, but for certified government and financial services like getting your tax documents or land registry, yes. Most sites moved away from ActiveX but I think a few outdated government ones still depend on IE, which is a problem. For a lot of people, esp older people IE is the Internet!

@ljwrites @erinbee I also think about having to learn to type on a Roman keyboard just to be able to use a computer at all. Quite a barrier to entry!

@kai @erinbee what, do you mean English? I mean it depends on what the person is used to and obviously it's hard for some, but English usage is actually fairly minimal on the Korean web, even for entering URLs, since search engines and bookmarks are available. English education starts in primary school and those who do have trouble with the English keyboard are likely to have trouble with the Hangul one as well so it's not a unique barrier. We're not helpless or anything lol.

@ljwrites @erinbee I just imagine how anyone I know over age 40 struggles with basic computer literacy. If you added a foreign language it would be over the top lol

@erinbee "He was a good tool to download other browsers" - The irony is that Internet Explorer had some kind of block for, making it impossible to download Navigator directly. I remember using MSIE to download an FTP program so I could download Netscape Navigator...

@erinbee Now if only the same thing could happen to software patents...
Since it is likely they want to keep them at a duration of 100+ years.

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