Since the timeline is heavy on the fast food mascots, I was thinking about Mac Tonight (the big crescent moon-headed McDonald's guy) and how just because of the jazzy after dark 80s aesthetic, I could have sworn he played the sax. Nope. There's horn music in the commercials, but he rides a piano like some sort of airbrush art spacefaring Vanessa Carlton (and the sunglasses are very Ray Charles, of course he's a pianist).

Singaporean McDonalds must have had similar thoughts, because they gave him a saxophone in some 2000s ads.

There's an outsized place in my late 80s/early 90s childhood memory for saxophones, tbh.

@erinbee one of the mcdonalds i went to as a kid had a life-sized fiberglass moon man sitting at a piano and I was absolutely terrified of it

@prehensile No doubt. A concave face and giant bottomless looking mouth inspire terror.

@erinbee to be fair I was equally scared of the large wood carving of a fisherman at the seafood place we sometimes went

@erinbee you know how people, especially when older, have really hard-set opinions on some very specific things? Like vehemently hating a specific brand of soda?

For me, it's saxaphones. I despise them. They sound like geese shouting in the middle of music. So distracting, such wailing. A giant brass kazoo. Awfulness.

@tomasino I wonder how much of that has to do with people thinking the sax is so cool and just going ape with it? There's so much overwrought sax music out there.

@erinbee @tomasino I don't love the sax, but I don't hate it. Occasionally when producing music there are places where it fits.

Unlike Harmonica. That instrument is just fucking evil.

@erinbee last week I learned that the man in the moon head, and
the man in the Abe Sapien/Faun/Saru costume, is the same man

@dustin That's wild, and for some reason I thought he'd be older.

@erinbee There were 27 Mac Tonight commercials in the 80's... surely one of them had a sax? (I feel like this was a thing as well.)

The actor in that suit, Doug Jones is the same guy who played the fish man in The Shape of Water. I don't know why I find it fascinating that some faceless actor from the 80's is still working. I guess _because_ he was a faceless guy in a commercial.

@CarlCravens @erinbee He's also Saru in Star Trek: Discovery. Still mostly faceless under all the prosthetic makeup.

@whami @erinbee As a contortionist and "body performer," he's had a lot of parts wearing prosthetics. I always feel bad for the talented people whose faces aren't recognized. Like... if they weren't such famous movies, would anybody know who does the motion capture for Gollum?

@CarlCravens @erinbee Jones did get two episodes of Discovery with his own face


@erinbee I would love to know how Mac figures into the whole McDonaldland canon. 😎

@erinbee Unrelated: I wore the crap out of the knock-off Rayban glasses they gave away.

(Still do, but with other brand-names on them)

@erinbee Wondering if part of the confusion was the similar California Raisins, which did feature a sax and that "cooler than you" vibe.

@mdhughes @craigmaloney Probably both of them, round mascots on the sax. (Not that Mac is round, but moons are in general.)

@erinbee Me too. I think there's a weird link in my subconscious brain between Mac Tonight and Bill Clinton. They're both early 90s white boomer jazz men in suits. Also Jay Leno, whose show theme music was heavily sax-based. They're all kinda the same guy, to me

@matt And they all have prominent chins.

Bill Clinton playing the sax on Arsenio Hall is part of why I think of it as a late night thing.

@erinbee Oh dang, I totally forgot the Bill Clinton sax thing was *also* from a late-night talk show, I just remembered the meme. The pieces were all in place

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