Since the timeline is heavy on the fast food mascots, I was thinking about Mac Tonight (the big crescent moon-headed McDonald's guy) and how just because of the jazzy after dark 80s aesthetic, I could have sworn he played the sax. Nope. There's horn music in the commercials, but he rides a piano like some sort of airbrush art spacefaring Vanessa Carlton (and the sunglasses are very Ray Charles, of course he's a pianist).


Singaporean McDonalds must have had similar thoughts, because they gave him a saxophone in some 2000s ads.

There's an outsized place in my late 80s/early 90s childhood memory for saxophones, tbh.

@erinbee you know how people, especially when older, have really hard-set opinions on some very specific things? Like vehemently hating a specific brand of soda?

For me, it's saxaphones. I despise them. They sound like geese shouting in the middle of music. So distracting, such wailing. A giant brass kazoo. Awfulness.

@tomasino I wonder how much of that has to do with people thinking the sax is so cool and just going ape with it? There's so much overwrought sax music out there.

@erinbee @tomasino I don't love the sax, but I don't hate it. Occasionally when producing music there are places where it fits.

Unlike Harmonica. That instrument is just fucking evil.

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