There's a lot going on here, but every bit of this peek of Ryan Gosling as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie is hilarious and charming.

(Putting a Canadian Ken in double denim is perfect.)


Definitely going to watch Barbie for the fashion, the costumer must have had fun if the Ken looks so far are any indication.

And the cowboy shirt is off-the-rack and was also worn by Jimin from BTS in their Permission To Dance music video, so if you have $149 and want to look like Cowboy Ken or a K-Pop idol, go for it. (And H Bar C has been making western wear since 1897, so grab one for your Quincey Morris cosplay, too.)

Am I becoming a Ken Poster™? Maybe a little, but only if it's excellent, and this is flawless. And bonus, it reminded me of the dangerous Rollerblading Barbie that shot sparks. One of the wheels in her flicker and flash skates was pretty much the striker wheel from a lighter, so a friend and I kept trying to see if it was possible to start a fire with them. You know, ✨just girly things✨

(Ad footnote: "Rolling action may leave marks so do not use on fine surfaces" which is an understatement.)

@athairbirb They do! Like they're trying to make TikToks to get their 80s revival band's name out there.

@erinbee oh dear, I can imagine a music video for their look and its terrifying

@athairbirb Have you ever seen the Crystal Light 1986 National Aerobics Championship? I am picturing that.

@erinbee that is spot on! I was imagining that with more lens flaring and colour diffusion.

Also that video, I hadnt come across before and I could only tihnk "phrasing" through the bits I skipped through

@erinbee ohhh I always loved those sparking toys! my mom would frequently buy them for us because she liked them too... but I never saw the Barbie skates!!! I want them soooo badly now, but in my size. For me.

@erinbee oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *grabby hands*

I had a pair of sneakers that had two sets of wheels that popped out when you pushed the button... nearly broke my neck on them. But these? These looks so much more dangerous and so much better ^_^

@erinbee I was otherwise indifferent to Barbies but I desperately wanted (and was denied) my own pair of rollerblades so I adored this doll. Even if I'd had them, mine wouldn't have shot sparks out. :)

@bright_helpings Razor makes wheels that spark, which I definitely would not have been allowed to have as a kid

@erinbee That’s the problem with today’s toys, they lack sufficient risk.

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