Staffordshire teapot painted to look like crinoidal limestone (fossils of sea creatures from the Carboniferous Era). This teapot looks so modern, but it was made in the 1760s!

@erinbee ooh, I want someone to make a mass-produced knock-off. So many :teeth:

@erinbee wow I love this & I love knowing that someone in the 1700's also had a love of the lil chompy bois

@nashhigh It's not the only one! Interest in natural history was popular then, and there are a few different styles of crinoid teapot

@erinbee This is gorgeous, and actually reminds me of some of the work from the artist Rolito, who themselves take some inspiration from pre-Columbian design.

@coolpowers I hadn't heard of them, and I can totally see the resemblance between the shapes on this pot and the art from Patapon.

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