When I was a kid, I thought one of the lyrics in Margaritaville was "Some people claim that there's a wormhole to blame." That's how his shaker of salt got lost!

@brennen Personally, I'd rather have my neighbours think I'm depressed because I got sucked through spacetime than because of a break up. It makes everyone involved more interesting!

@erinbee @brennen I’m actually from the year 2400 and gotta be honest, this timeline suuuuuucks.

@erinbee I thought he was looking for his outlawed shaker of salt and figured he kept his coke stash there or something.

@gamehawk Now that I've actually made drinks with a salt rim, your euphemism makes more sense than actually using a salt shaker for that.

@erinbee I'm ready for this parody. It'll be so much better than the original.

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