"Celine Dion death metal t-shirt" isn't a niche where more than one version needs to exist, but I'm glad they're all there.

@erinbee as a newcomer to Canada, I dont know if wearing one of these would get me high fives or stink eyes...

@rainer I don't know about Quebec, but in BC and Alberta it would get laughs or eye rolls or a combination of the two.


I give you Jersey Hair Metal Parody Band ... Satanicide. (Brought you to you the same mind that created Tragedy - the All Metal tribute to the Bee Gees)


It's mostly Phil Costello who drove both projects, as well as Diamondsnake (with Moby of all people). A very strange take on life - but good fun. I saw Satanicide a few times in NYC and Tragedy once after moving to (old) York.

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