Titanic would have swept the if it had been released with the alternate ending.

"You had it THE ENTIRE TIME?"

I predicted a Titanic win based on how horny the movie is and how memelordy the voting can get. Boogie Nights is a good movie, but where was the fedi crew who are down for a centenarian telling the shaggy dog story of that time she got freaky on a cruise?

@erinbee I have no memory of that necklace whatsoever but the pretty ship haunting was nice

@Sorl Right? Blah blah necklace, whatever, show me the luxurious sets and beautiful costumes!

@erinbee I do like how mischievous she looks before she tosses the necklace into the ocean. And I guess the other ghosts had time to reflect on their classism because they clap after the couple kisses.

@erinbee can't see this video 😭 (copyright country restriction)

@maloki If you don't need captions, there's a ton of Titanic alternate ending videos on YouTube. I just chose this one because it had English captions available.

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