I kind of regret not buying the black calla lilies at the grocery store this morning, but they were a bit pricy if it turned out they were only annuals and not perennials and my hands were too full to pull my phone out and look it up. (They're perennials, and I might go back if it cools down tonight.)


Update: Went to get popsicles to help make the heat more tolerable today, and the flowers were still there. The really beautiful thing about them is that the colour is so variable depending on the light. They have a deep purplish wine cast in this picture, but in the shade outdoors they looked violet on the bottom of the petals.

@erinbee they look fab! Pleased that you were able to get some

@erinbee I love calla lilies! I had a pot like this that I ended up planting at our old house after they were done blooming. The next year they had practically doubled in size and blooms. I regret not digging them up when we moved 20+ years ago.

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