No, search engine, I don't want to know what the BEST sunscreen is, I asked about the "most photogenic sunscreen" so I don't look ok in the mirror and then like a waxy ghost in photos.

@erinbee Uggghhh. This is like how Google Maps has become even more useless for finding public toilets because if it shows me plumbing supplies stores instead it might be able to sell me something.

@eldang That's got equal but opposing "You bought a toilet once from Amazon, we're going to continue suggesting toilets to you until the end of time because they're expensive" energy.

@erinbee If you're ride-or-die for the plain mineral stuff like we are, we've had the best luck with the "Alba Botanica Mineral Kids" one. I think there's also a banana boat kids one that rubs in acceptably.

@nfagerlund Thanks! I'm not so concerned about it being mineral in this case, but I'll grab the Alba Botanica one as a backup.

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