I'm not sure which variation of hydrangea this is, but the colours are gorgeous and look like dyed silk.

@erinbee asked a horticulturist friend

they said it looks like City Line Mars variety

@pagrus I'm just now discovering a wide world of multicolour hydrangeas, it's a nice way to spend some time online.

@erinbee i mean, I am kind of discovering plants? They are pretty cool as it turns out

@erinbee I am being somewhat facetious but I haven't even bothered learning anything until recently when I realized I can put plants outside of my dining room window where I can see them

@erinbee I didn't want to put anything out there for a long time because I was certain stuff would get knocked down, settled on using cinder blocks as planters

@pagrus I like how organic that setup is, the blocks really blend in well.

@erinbee Thanks! It's so much nicer out there now, it's basically a trash bin area but I don't have to look at those unless I want to

@erinbee And cheap! I literally live next door to a hardware store so I just walked over and got a bunch for five bucks apiece

@june Isn't it? I almost want to go knock on the door of this house and ask more about it.

@erinbee Wow, never seen one like that! I love hydrangeas.

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