First episode of She-Hulk and I'm irritated because there's a fight scene between her and Bruce, and his glasses end up broken. Jenna doesn't even apologize afterward! Sure, glasses are one of the easier accessibility aids to get but he's in a remote area and finding Hulk-sized frames in the first place can't have been easy. Unless he has a backup pair, he probably can't drive to go replace them or get to his PO Box to have a pair delivered.

Maybe he can call Samuel L. Jackson to drone-drop him a pair. Anyway, these characters are supposed to be fond of each other and the scriptwriters can't even drop an "Uh...Bruce? Sorry about your Smart Hulk uniform."

@erinbee I already suspected this series wouldn't be me for a number of reasons, now I know so thankyou for tooting about it!

@Mamacrow I watched it because someone else put it on and I wasn't going to get up off the couch. Like you, I figured it wasn't for me and then that just annoyed the hell out of me.

@erinbee @Mamacrow yeah, that annoyed me as well.

It's off to a slow start, but still seems promising enough. The unfortunate thing are the super short episodes, it doesn't feel like anything is happening. If they also keep it to 6 episodes like most recent Marvel shows, it'll be over before it did anything at all.

True, it's a hard blow. But nonetheless its worthwhile to keep watching.

@erinbee I haven't started watching yet, but anyone that actually wears glasses knows how pissed off you would be when they get broken.

@scronide It was just baffling to me that every Hulk story is about getting pissed off and learning to take responsibility for it, and this is the moment they choose where there is no payoff?

@scronide I'm probably going to watch the next episode to see if it gets better, the first one was such a mess of exposition and fan service that it was hard to get a feel for why I should care about She-Hulk at all. And it depends on your tolerance for characters breaking the fourth wall without a framing device.

@erinbee I mean, I love John Hughes films and they break the fourth wall all the time. But that's not what I'm expecting from She-Hulk.

@scronide Ferris Bueller: Attorney At Law would low-key make a great sketch comedy gag, though

@erinbee that was a big writing miss, I agree, and it bugged me too. BUT:

1/2: the show starts getting good around ep 3, and 4 hits its stride

2/2: I kind of like how the show makes a point of illustrating that a lot of things are happening in the world that aren't on the screen, which makes the missing glasses apology a bit more tolerable for me

@gnomon That's useful to know; I'm going to watch the next episode, because with all the Bruce Hulk in the opener it was hard for me to get a feel for what She-Hulk stories would be like.

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