Last night I looked up "what does Hades smell like" because in Dracula, Van Helsing says his garlic flowers will be like the waters of the river Lethe and I thought "Wait a sec, the Asphodel Meadows obviously smell of flowers but is there a part of the underworld that smells sulphurous like Christian Hell?"

I should have been more specific because the results were for perfumes called Hades, and fans of Greek mythology and the video game wondering what scents their favourite gods would wear.

"What does Hades smell like?"

Nail polish remover, probably. That's what it tastes like. But only for Nintendo Switch.

@erinbee how does Artemis smell? Or Demeter for that matter?

Persephone has to smell like pomegranates right?

@lapis Persephone wears an asphodel crown, so probably like pomegranates and a green leafy scent with a bit of a floral note.

Demeter is the harvest, so grass and figs.

Artemis would be honey and something metallic.

@erinbee since starting work with anaerobic bacteria, I've wondered a lot about this. Like bearing in mind that it's oxygen tolerance that's chemically bizarre, organisms who can't survive much of it are driven to more out of the way places and because they use metabolic processes that give off gasses we find stinky (& sometimes deadly), we're going to associate those smells and places = bad. Seems so unimaginative though.

@compostablespork And the smells of death are all bacterial processes, too. Maybe it's so powerful an association that it overrides the desire to imagine other things.

Death & smells 

@erinbee yeah, I guess garlic is pretty impressively imaginative when you compare that to the possibilities of l'eau du roadkill

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