TIL that for the past year and a half, I've been putting synthetic snake venom on my face several times a week.

Skin care products — literal snake oil.

The ingredient is a synthetic peptide based on Waglerin-1, originally isolated from the venom of the Temple pit snake. The trademarked version is called Syn-Ake, which I can't even think about without wanting to waggle my eyebrows in an exaggerated "Get it?" way.

@erinbee SYN-AKE?? cartoon villain stuff, also Metal Gear Solid stuff

@batterpunts @erinbee Interesting.

"Syn-ake is a patented anti-aging ingredient developed by the Swedish company, Pentapharm Ltd, designed to mimic the action of snake venom. It is designed to work on relaxing the muscles in the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines."

@batterpunts @erinbee I can't believe this isn't a plot from the GI Joe cartoon. "The Baroness de Cobray is trying to take over the beauty industry using her patented Syn-Ake venom! We've got to stop her!"

@erinbee not only snake venom but sounds like it's the unholy snakes who devour human sacrifices in an ancient underground shrine in some Conan comics

@solar It's a muscle relaxant, presumably so you can't scrunch your face hard enough to keep deepening the same wrinkles.

@Mayana It sounds ridiculous, but it does what it promises to do (reduce under eye puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles).

@erinbee @Mayana Under-eye puffiness? I could use some of that! [grabs random snake and squeezes]

@scronide Trying to decide if my metal band is going to be called Walgerin or Temple Viper.

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