Selfie, bare legs 

French jet (black glass) collar, circa 1880. I want to find some beads like this and make myself a repro.

The right angle, the right amount of light, and just enough leftover rain to turn the ground pink and gold for a moment.

A pretty magical haul of brooches from the thrift stores this week.

Selfie, thoughts about silk 

When the slang hits the end of the road at the thrift store

Tea, winter holidays 

Selfies, big scarf, self-image 

Got a tiny tattoo while I was on vacation, because it felt good to have the time available to make and follow through on a spontaneous choice. Felt drawn to a poppy because it had been a long time since I'd had a dream while sleeping (and longer since I could remember one on waking), and in the last few weeks I've been sleeping well enough that the ability has come back.

Candy, vampires, gender 

Pink clouds around a waxing crescent moon, phone cameras need to step up their game.

A crossword costume from a guide to creating fancy dress ensembles, France, 1920s. Crossword puzzles were a major fad at the time, so this is less nerdy in context than it looks. (The hot gamer girl of 100 years ago?)

The great thing about Canadian clothing brands is they can truthfully add Paris and London to the label for that bit of extra ✨ haute glamour ✨ Ontario? What's that?

My Christmas cactus is in full bloom on Halloween, we stan a floral goth icon.

More Halloween selfies, double creature feature, actual spider this time 

Festive selfies (spider adjacent) 

I had to stop and take a closer look at these pansies, because the blue seemed almost unreal.

The Telematic House, 1983. Ugo La Pietra, Gianfranco Bettetini, Aldo Grasso; Milan Fair. Exploring electronic memory in the domestic space. (More:

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