The Rescue Rangers movie (weird weird a small part of the confusing vibe) 

And not in this scene, but there is a Skrillex joke.

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On one hand: Target, corporate pink washing, only sell this stuff during Pride month, etc etc

On the other: Sappho mug!

On another hand: Sweet mother, I cannot do dishes/Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with live, laugh, longing

On my first and second reads of this headline, I thought Netflix had done something illegal and David Cronenberg was disappointed that futuristic crimes were different and not as cool as he thought they'd be.

Clothes, shopping, poisonous mushrooms, faceless selfie 

The back! It's perfect and the warning text sent me. 10/10, high praise from someone who infrequently wears graphic tees.

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Clothes, shopping, poisonous mushrooms 

I would have been sold on this shirt just based on the front alone. The mushrooms are so small and cute! But...

It's beautiful when flowers are so vivid they're hard to photograph, and how this particular azalea blows out into both hot and cool bright pink.

Selfie, looking like a mom (food mention) 

Running errands and looking like a type of late 80s/early 90s Mom:

Elastic waist lightwash denim ✅
With a big t-shirt tucked in ✅
Canvas sneakers ✅
Big glasses ✅
Canvas tote bag because plastic bags are killing sea turtles ✅
(That purse is a fanny pack) ✅
Actually have Lunchables on my grocery list ✅

Personal hygiene products, food, they're just throwing words together at this point 

This is supposed to be evocative of some sort of soft masc hypebeast freshness, but all I'm getting is eighth grade girl with a crush talking to her friend who is done hearing about it:

"He smells like sneakers and cookies 😍"

"He looks like he smells like athlete's foot. Gross."

After rinsing until the water ran clear. One of the tags took on a lot of dye, but the fabric and thread look mostly unchanged. It's hard to tell though, because they're still damp. As for smell, they smell like spearmint and something bitter which means it's hard to tell if the dye smell is dissipating or if it's just masked. On to a wash, with detergent because Oxyclean doesn't seem necessary.

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Now the washing machine is full of chalky pink water. I'm going to let them agitate for a bit, and then run a rinse or two.

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I should have worn gloves because now one of my hands is bright pink, but these are saturated now. Something is happening, because they smell – not very sulfurous, but strongly like white school glue. I'm going to let them sit a while and then rinse them out.

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A light display at Maker Faire. (IIRC, it was controlled by a spectrometer?)

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This Twin Peaks looking trunk in a "Live Laugh Love" kind of home decor store. (That "Wildlife" mug above it might be photos of Sasquatches.)

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Hydrangea going off in all colours because it just doesn't know what to do with this soil.

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