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Selfie, being a bit down about distancing 

Mildly cursed convenience food, regret 

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"Cuz I Love You" on vinyl arrived in the mail today, and it's been a grip since I've seen a Parental Advisory sticker so of course I was like, "Guess who's the parent now, bitch."

Selfie, Pollyanna shit/mental health 

One of those half cloud/half sun/fully pastel rainy spring skies.

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Selfie, minimally clad 

I forgot I ordered this print a while back, it came in the mail yesterday and when I opened it this afternoon I started ugly laughing. I can't get a frame for it right now, so it's attached to the sleeve it came in and propped on the shelf near my record player. "Everything Is Fine", indeed.

("Ten Of Swords Everything Is Fine" from the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.)

Selfie, evening walks are preserving my mental health 

Cooking, non-vegan 

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Cooking, non-vegan 

First night of spring: magnolias that seemingly came up overnight and the evening star

Current goal: Go out for a walk every night after dinner as long as the weather and circumstances permit.

Selfie, St. Patrick's Day, it's kind of a snake-themed holiday 

The sky tonight was milky lilac, in a way that actually gave credence to old songs about purple twilight. It felt calming and refreshing to walk toward a pretty colour and to have a few moments to hope for spring and possibility.

How cute is this cloud?! I signed up for a weaving workshop thinking that this was a technique I didn't know, but it's just plain weave that puffs up because the roving is too thick to lay flat with the warp. It was worth it though, because weaving on a shaped frame is a lot of fun, and pretty chill. Since you aren't going to take it off the loom, there's not as much worry about maintaining tension.

Selfies, vintage repro and modern romance 

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