Selfies, illumination/shadow 

Neon rainbows and mirrors in the world's narrowest commercial building.

Selfies, going out 

Crude, astronomical symbols, 26 Proserpina 

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Normally Ikea stuff doesn't frustrate me. But this style box has tabs that are meant to click together. (The instructions included rare words: "Click! Click!") and the top of each panel had one tab with a slight hook to it, meant to line up and slide in. Which they did, until the last panel. I struggled with it, finally reaching a point where I became compelled to swear at the fucking thing. And in that moment, I stopped paying attention to what my hands were doing and it came together.

Feeling lucky to catch sunset from the mountain top.

Roses are red
Violets are fine
I've brought you the skull
Of St. Valentine

The Oblong Box Shop still has button down shirts in this fabric, but I'm so disappointed I didn't see the caftan while it was still in stock 😢

Food, nightmarish footwear, body horror, Guy Fieri x David Cronenberg, better get on the mailing list for these babies, actually says "Not For Human Consumption" on the website, probably a thousand other content warnings 

El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires, a converted theatre that is considered the world's most beautiful bookstore. The former stage is a cafe, and the box seats are reading nooks.

National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day (food, selfie) 

Thinking about that time someone on Wikipedia "just gals being pals!"-d an erotic painting of Sappho

Selfie, weather chat 

Thrift store selfie, LSP 

My heart is saying "Yes, you need a Gorgon head patterned maxi dress" and my brain is yelling "Cost per wear! Cost per wear!"

Selfies, little bit about clothing/consumerism 

Billy Porter's glam remote control hat, worn at the Grammys. The crystal fringe opens and closes when he signals to his assistant.

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