I was today years old when I learned that hair ice only forms in the presence of a specific fungus; and that even though that had been the theory for about a hundred years, scientists didn't even identify which one until 2015. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_i

Obsessed with this Monirath hat that is designed to throw watery reflections on your face (instagram.com/p/CKKgqTfgVXg/ - picture of the artist modeling it)

New Year's Eve selfie 

Sequins to go sit on the couch? Sure, why not. Happy new year, everyone!

It's been a long time since I've crocheted (and even longer since I've made something other than a doily), so maybe I didn't stop to consider the colour lengths before buying variegated yarn and I wasn't expecting so much white in this one. But it'll probably end up looking more flecked from a distance once this is a large scarf wrapped around my neck and shoulders, like I'm only focusing on it because it's such a small sample.

This cactus went wild with flowers early December last year and I didn't think it would have any at all in 2020, but it's managed to bring one out and this is the first time I've had a Christmas cactus bloom at Christmas. And maybe there will be two more for 2021? It feels hopeful to have something to watch grow in winter.

Selfies, strange lighting 

No filter, just slow shutter speed and fast and bright LED Christmas lights.

These 1950s snap-and-match glasses need to come back in style. (Photo from Etsy seller MystiqueVintage)

Gold 'Cochon' Purse, Paul Frey for La Cloche Frères, France, circa 1900.

The Planet Jupiter, Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, 1882.

Food, meat 

Sometimes the best tasting food is the weirdest looking: The first time I ordered from this sushi place I found the colour of the rice off-putting (the photo does not accurately capture the pinkness), but it's actually the best delivery sushi place in my area and if it hasn't grown on me I can mostly ignore it.

Selfie, gore mention 

This t-shirt was sold as a witch hunt design, but there's a lot going on in this print including something that looks like a deathbed confession, 1700s surgery or autopsy, and a crew of dudes chasing a griffon. Just some early modern homies having a normal one 🙃

Beachwear by Schiaparelli, photo by George Hoyningen-Huene for Vogue magazine, 1928.

There are two types of people, those who see the abandoned strawberry and say "It me!" and those who dream of living in it and giving visitors gently hexed baked goods.


Spiegel Publishing House swimming pool, designed by Verner Panton, 1969. (This was in the basement of the building and was destroyed in a fire shortly after opening.)

Night Rain at the Shinobazu Pond, Kasamatsu Shiro, 1938.

"Pérégrinations d'une Comète (Travels of a Comet)", J.J. Grandville, Un Autre Monde, 1844.

Embroidered/appliqued jacket by Masafusa Shibuya, 1994.

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