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There's a park in Meleb, Manitoba (that Google maps wisely abbreviates at M.P.C. Reunion Park), named after the first three schools in the area, Meleb, Park, and Cumming. There's a statue of mushrooms in the park and even though there isn't much they can do, the tourism board really needs to work on their phrasing

The Canadian Mint should just quietly replace the Queen with Judith Lawrence and see how long it takes people to notice.

Dracula Daily, September 7 

Van Helsing (looking at Holmwood): It has the juice. I can't imagine a more beautiful thing.

Living stones!

I've wanted some lithops plants for a long time, and it was a good season to get one because they grow new leaves and bloom in the winter. Can't wait to see if this one has yellow or white flowers.

Sunset on the inlet, just after the sun itself dipped below the mountains. From a distance, Canada geese look almost elegant on the water.

I'm not sure which variation of hydrangea this is, but the colours are gorgeous and look like dyed silk.

This fuzzy little guy is a microbat from Ivory Coast, and there's a lot to like here: Wikipedia describes it as having markings like a bee (cute), but it looks a lot like an inverse Holstein cow (also cute).

(Photos by Jakob Fahr, CC BY-NC.)

There are a lot of reasons to be disappointed in how phone cameras don't and can't take good pictures of the moon, but it's hard to be annoyed with how the lens makes a waxing crescent look so delicate like it was painted there in one stroke or like it's a tiny reflection of light in chipped glass.

Update: Went to get popsicles to help make the heat more tolerable today, and the flowers were still there. The really beautiful thing about them is that the colour is so variable depending on the light. They have a deep purplish wine cast in this picture, but in the shade outdoors they looked violet on the bottom of the petals.

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I took a picture of this plant so I could run it through a plant identifier app, because my mind just would not access the words cockscomb/celosia/amaranth, and kept going with "Worm on a string plant! Worm on a string plant!" (Brb, buying white sugar button cake decorations that have a black dot on them, because googly eyes aren't biodegradable.)

That feeling when it looks like your zany plan to reap the rewards of being loved without submitting to the mortifying ordeal of known might just work

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Babe? You ok? You've barely touched your Filet Mignon Genesis Evangelion.

The faces look like they don't belong to bodies, like a game of exquisite corpse or a surrealist version of the unfinished horse drawing meme

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It was once thought that pterodactyls were mammals similar to bats, and these 1843 drawings by Edward Newman depicted them with screaming possum faces.

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I wear this shirt once a week, easily. Even though nobody around me gets it. ("That shirt is...different" type comments.) But what's not to get? It's got ladies who are planets, action posing with lightning bolts. The downside of ordering large prints online is that mass cutting means positioning isn't always great and you don't see it until you get it. The pattern on the back is better than the front, but this one sleeve has just perfect placement.

Staffordshire teapot painted to look like crinoidal limestone (fossils of sea creatures from the Carboniferous Era). This teapot looks so modern, but it was made in the 1760s!

Infants are near-sighted with limited colour vision, so the best things for them to look at are high contrast. This guy's makeup is like the opposite of dazzle camouflage to babies, and I think that's beautiful.

No idea what's going on here, but we can all respect a himbo carrying books.

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Tell me your marketing team is all cishet people and no copy editor without telling me your marketing team is all cishet people and no copy editor

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