Watermelon radishes are so pretty, I can't even with that pink

1960s Harry Gordon cat print paper dress, the original ad suggests hanging it as a poster if you tire of it. (Photo by Guermantes Vintage.)

Strawberry buildings at Nasi Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi, park and restaurant in Indonesia. (Photographer unknown)

Earlier today I took this picture of an ornamental kale just to send to someone with the message "Remember the time you thought I was fucking with you that kale and broccoli are the same vegetable?"

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Teacup ride at the abandoned Nara Dreamland in Nara, Japan. Photo by Romain Veillon.

These Art Deco-ish bat earrings are making me strongly regret that I let my ear piercings close up during the last year.

I don't use faces very much though lately? The hand gestures seem more expressive in conversation, and there's a lot of images that make good punctuation to imply a good mood without having to think about how different variations of smiley might be interpreted

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"Aftermath of the Winter Storm", Tom Gill, 2010. Waves crashed against the lighthouse during freezing weather and created these eerie ice formations. The rest of the album is just as strange and striking. (

A fave from my brooch collection: A 1930s/40s sweetheart pin. Usually when these turn up for sale they have a man's and woman's name engraved on them. I know nothing about Velma and Gladys, but this is either two kid sisters buying a Mother's Day gift (cute), or a young woman with a crush on her bestie and is smitten enough to choose a "key to my heart" token for her. 🗝️💕

Roses are bland
Violets are dull
What a girl wants
Is Saint Valentine's skull

Lazy plant keeping: Now that I run the dehumidifier constantly, this cactus is thriving slightly out of season. It's also possible to force flowers by making sure the plant is in a dark room 14-16 hours a day, but February does that itself.

Just imagining the absolute nightmare people calling Vans customer service to complain that they can't find Waldo

Ritual mountaineering axe, 14th century Japan, held at the Nara National Museum. ( The lighting giving it a pink patina, though 💗


🎶Soon may the Wellerman come
With skincare products for your mom

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I was today years old when I learned that hair ice only forms in the presence of a specific fungus; and that even though that had been the theory for about a hundred years, scientists didn't even identify which one until 2015.

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