@Taweret Spiderman smells like all of the above from hanging out in Aunt May's kitchen πŸ§‘β€πŸ³πŸ€Œ

@InternetEh Where's the cute opinion that now his spouse ties it for him??

@Pixley When the yoga class ends at 10:59 and the Zoom meeting starts at 11

@Pixley Anyone who read more than about 75 BSC books is a Mallory. Anyone who has had a disastrous attempt at bleaching their hair blonde is a stealth Mallory. 90% of people who say they are Mary Annes are actually Mallorys. Abby is mostly just a slightly grown Mallory who loves Dad jokes.

@tessaracht Aaaaahhhhhhh. I'm telling myself that the exchange rate is reasonable, but the customs fees will not be 😑

Canadian politics (gross) 

@gnomon My partner and I were arguing if it was the same guy who peed in a coffee mug. (Answer: Yes.)

Canadian politics (procedural, not partisan) 

@gnomon The polling station I voted at had a bag taped to the table near the ballot box to return the pencils

@signalstation In Little Women, Jo and Beth go to the Massachusetts seaside and there is no murderous whale. 1 and a half stars.

@checkervest The macguffin element was called Unobtainium and Giovanni Ribisi was admirable in his ability to say it with a straight face.

@gnomon Not particularly, I'm working hard to recover from a depressive period and a lot of things online feel overwhelming right now. Baby steps! Thanks for checking in with me 😊

How are things with you?

@InternetEh That's probably also why so many campaigns break up πŸ€”

@tessaracht Everyone is shocked I haven't seen Ragnarok, so that might be my next watch.

@srol I haven't seen Ragnorak, maybe I'll have to give it a go.

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