Selfie, bare legs 

Selfie, bare legs 

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Beautiful eerie landscapes by photographer Gundula Blumi, I love these so much 💙

@valrus Isn't that Westworld Season One and Two on DVD?

@caprimoon They're never going to get a decent grind with a hand crank any way, so let them have their fun 🤷

@signalstation @eldang Or an add on for the Grow With Me™ Tech Incubator Activity Center

@earthtopus Etsy's got you for the ethically conscious vintage butter

@eldang Coming Christmas 2020 to a toy aisle near you

@earthtopus Satire requires clarity of purpose, the Fisher Price Pour Over Coffee Set requires one payment of $19.99

@sculpin A lot of late Victorian mourning jewelry does, very bold and graphic

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I like this cheerful stone skull (from a church in Devon)

@june Was this meant to also work as a vampire joke? Because yes.

French jet (black glass) collar, circa 1880. I want to find some beads like this and make myself a repro.

@taweret For the person who already has the Golden Girls Funkoverse Strategy Game, yet still fucks

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yo this is a story all about how
my life got flipped turned upside down
and i'd like to take a minute just sit right there
i'll tell you how i became the witch of a town called blair

@Pixley Though it would be extremely on brand for Ned Flanders to take Kellogg's doctrine one step further because the crunch of cornflakes presents too much temptation.

Cocktails, liquor, economy of scale 

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