Rona, USA, dystopia 

@Jewbacchus @ItsJenNotGabby And the callous attitude that they make the university a lot of money and other sports need to be cancelled if there isn't football revenue? No sports should be going on this season, no budget should rely on unpaid labour, and dangling a carrot of only having a narrow window to make it big in front of young people is reprehensible.

Rona, USA, dystopia 

@Jewbacchus That's unbelievably ghoulish

tubal ligation - personal experience 

@dreadpirateyarr ...and I was achy and tired for about a week afterward but nothing even as bad as having my period.

Good luck!

tubal ligation - personal experience 

@dreadpirateyarr but told me that IVF would still be a possibility if I wanted biological children (so that might be a card you can pull if they try the "what if you meet someone later who wants kids and you change your mind" thing.) The worst thing about surgery was having a hoarse throat, congested chest, and nausea afterward. They gave me a day's worth of painkillers to take home, and told me to take Advil and Tylenol after that...

tubal ligation - personal experience 

@dreadpirateyarr My doctor was amenable to the idea because I already have a kid (so grain of salt), but also because he asked what I was doing about birth control and I said I didn't want to get pregnant (again) or have to deal with IUDs in and out for at least another 15 years until menopause. When I saw the gynecological surgeon for a consult, he reiterated the permanence of it...

tubal ligation 

@dreadpirateyarr I had a salpingectomy done a couple years ago. Do you have any specific questions, or just want to hear about other peoples' experiences in general?

@stelepami Me too, there were a lot of good scenes/communities there!

Yeah, I think people in our age group use TikTok less socially and more as only a promotional/information tool if they do at all.

@stelepami It's all people between 18-24 in the article meeting each other like olds used to meet on livejournal 😅

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@Aleums Real sitting at a typewriter and knowing the right people hours, who's up?

@red It's the same with indie anything, really.

Part of it too is that a lot of young adults grew up with a social structure that really pushes that you must have an immediate take on something and get massive amounts of attention for it, so the easiest way is to seize onto mass hype, along with the conflicting message to hustle your own creativity which nobody may pay attention to because of the zeitgeist machine. It's a mess.

Incredibly chill selfie, ec and weed 

@Aleums This has got 1960s snapshot of an author vibes all over it 💛

@red The same people freaking out about $70 console games let their mom buy them Super Mario 3 for $44.99 in 1990, so big name console games have always been relatively expensive except for a brief period in the first decade of the 2000s when big content mills had even more burnout and turnover, and salaries were even lower.

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The gender of the day is a hidden mermaid in a threatening graveyard.

@red It's like the old rhyme:
Fireworks on the 4th? Yes, get some more.
Leftovers are great to use on 8th.

@Mainebot Cultus Lake straight up said they're in dire need of cash, so it really isn't a surprise at all. But giving away tickets to bring people in is the height of irresponsibility.

The local amusement park has reopened, and "A Souvenir Playland Face Mask is included with paid admission!" as the first search engine result reads like Vonnegut fanfiction.

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