@InternetEh Ion from Sally Beauty was my go to, longer lasting and way less bleedy than Manic Panic and only a bit more expensive on shortish hair. I've heard good things about Arctic Fox, too.

Mental health 

@WizardOfDocs Neither do I, but the fantasy of letting things go that way is a powerful one.

@thatdawnperson I disagree, a lot of people do have something that nags at them that they feel they should keep under wraps or it would be somehow inappropriate to share out loud and deciding how to examine it or let it go might include a fantasy of no consequences.

Earlier I was reading about an installation where a DJ played a set for one person, and offered to listen to a personal secret and keep it in strict confidence. My first reflexive flippant thought was "Or you could go to therapy" but the concept stuck with me because who wouldn't see the appeal of unburdening themselves of a secret without feeling obligated to examine it and themselves?

@pagrus We have a few of them in the Vancouver area, they're a pretty standard Asian grocery chain? Maybe I'm spoiled for choice, I don't know. Some locations sell in-store made kimchi, which is neat.

@raspberry @mcmoots There's a burger chain here in BC that occasionally puts a burger topped with peanut butter and pickled jalapenos on its special menu – I haven't tried it yet

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There are two types of people, those who see the abandoned strawberry and say "It me!" and those who dream of living in it and giving visitors gently hexed baked goods.


Strawberry buildings at Nasi Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi, park and restaurant in Indonesia. (Photographer unknown)

Lately, the one album that's been able to help me fall asleep is by a Russian indie/dream pop band called bessonnitsa, which ironically means "insomnia." Hopefully, I will forget this so I don't end up queueing it up and thinking "TIL this means sleeplessness" and staring at the ceiling.

@witchfynder_finder The best take I saw on this went like so -

Person 1: Be nice to the queen, she lost her husband and cousin this week

Person 2: Wow, DMX was the Queen's cousin?

:acab: protest coverage, menstruation taboo (why is this even a CW that exists?) 

@stelepami I thought being blinded and unable to see the sky was not a gendered problem

@stelepami The frilly heads of purple kale taste just like green kale, so I bet this one tastes like that and maybe a little bit like cauliflower or broccoli leaves.

@feorlen I like the colour the juice leaves behind anyway, too.

Earlier today I took this picture of an ornamental kale just to send to someone with the message "Remember the time you thought I was fucking with you that kale and broccoli are the same vegetable?"

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