The Rescue Rangers movie (weird weird a small part of the confusing vibe) 

And not in this scene, but there is a Skrillex joke.

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The Rescue Rangers movie (no spoilers) 

This is one of the weirder things I've watched and it's truly difficult to say whether it's good or bad. Clear parallels with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but the vibe is...confounding.


@derek The rings and the nails just make it :blacker_heart_outline:

re: selfie ec outfit 

@Mainebot Yikes, how long have you had them?

selfie ec outfit 

@Mainebot Is that necklace a fish?

And your glasses are so pretty!

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We had some dramatic weather today, and this evening, while the sun was slowly setting, the most intense #rainbow showed up!

@CarlCravens Cinnamon is so good, I don't know why it isn't more popular.

@srol Shit. I hope you're successful soon, the time waiting for rashes to heal is no joke.

@paparatti Thanks for the rec. I like the mini heart's, they're adorable!

@md Yes! I saw some Epsom salts that had that recently.

I get why stores don't act like it's a cosmetic and put out sample deodorants you can look at and smell (because there's always someone who'd just go straight to cramming it in their pits), but this would solve two of those problems.

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@eldang This is a scented one, and there's an unscented version that is still being made, so at least there's that. I do hope nobody who relies on this for sensory/routine reasons gets gouged.

Related: The deodorant I use shot up in price from $10 to $17 and I suspect the next time I need to replace it I'll just grit my teeth and pay it because last time I had to switch, I spent a lot more than $17 trying to find something where I liked the smell, didn't hate the texture, and it didn't bother my skin. I don't like being a picky assemblage of sensitive skin and sensory issues!

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The body wash I've been using for at least 7 years got discontinued, and now there's bottles of what was a $8 product starting at $58 on Amazon 😡

Update: Personal hygiene products, food, they're just throwing words together at this point 

@shahaan Even interpreting it generously, the idea that cookies are so strong they'll blast foot odor away is unappealing.

Update: Personal hygiene products, food, they're just throwing words together at this point 

@scronide 🫡

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