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Selfie - thrift store 

I'm inexplicably drawn to this pleated tunic thing, and trying to decide how often I'd actually wear it if I took it home.

Uhhhh...if you don't have any life force or organs there aren't any chakras to align, but you go, yoga skeleton.

It's finally cool enough at night to lounge around in my velvet robe, and being able to roll into the relaxation that comes from softness feels like a renewal and a return.

"To Breathe - A Mirror Woman" art installation by Kimsooja, at Palacio de Cristal, Madrid; 2006 (Mirrored floor, diffraction film on windows, recordings) (More info and gorgeous pictures:

Who could forget lyrics like this:

"Something's strange, something's funny
Nanny's got a plot to get the family's money
Makes Fester fall for her
Thing gets wise and spreads the word
The family comes to Fester's aid
The plot is foiled, no one gets paid
That's the Addams Family running things
Get wrecked while Tag Team sings
Whoomp there it is."

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And from Addams Family Values, Tag Team did a rework of "Whoomp (There It Is)" [warning: so much strobing in the video]

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Everyone talking about The Addams Family (1991) needs to take a break for MC Hammer's last top ten hit, his weird CGI decapitated head, and a sword fight with Raul Julia in The Addams Groove:

Christmas candy, allergens, autophagy? 

It is important to label things peanut free, but these candy canes are going a little overboard. But then again, they make the perfect aesthetic accompaniment for a Christmas tree decorated with the world's grimmest Nutcracker:

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@taweret Putting my vote in for the time Big Bird defied the curse of an Egyptian God, if only because it lets me share this, one of my favorite posts on the entire web:

Halloween candy, drugs, shitposting about Trancendentalists 

Ok, they weren't neighbours, but I just read a meme on Instagram that said "Halloween was invented in 1837 by Edgar Allen Poe when he got high on laudanum and wanted his neighbour's candy" and pictured Poe all fucked up trying to get candy from Bronson Alcott and them getting in a scrap after Alcott gave him dried fruit and said the sweetest candy of all was the inherent good in mankind.

I made a flippant post speculating on the Kool-Aid Man's astrological sign, and it turns out I was wrong. The Kool-Aid Man's birthday is July 10th, 1954; making him a Cancer, not a Gemini or Aries (honestly, the signs most likely to crash through a wall without thinking it through).

Me: Maybe I should lean into this unsexy season of my life. Take up chaste intellectual pursuits, or embrace the sensuality of coziness and finally look up how to pronounce 'hygge'. *opens browser*

The entire internet, chanting hornily: HALLOWEEN! SCORPIO SEASON! HALLOWEEN! SCORPIO SEASON!

Me: Oh no.

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Smoulder is a band that came out of nowhere for me this year but I fuckin love them because they do a really great job of traditional epic doom metal with sword-and-sorcery lyrics but they just, like, gender-flipped everything. The vocalist is a woman, the cover is a woman on a horse rescuing a scantily-clad man, all the songs are about women being heroes.

Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring is a heavy contender for album of the year for me.

Every time I see someone mention Gemini Man (the Will Smith movie), I think it's about the Mega Man 3 Robot Master and maybe the story of a robot who confuses people with holograms would have been a better movie?

Selfie, haircut 

Haircuts feel good. (And getting rid of a bunch of it made the colour look better.)

I like how this search result makes it look like Homer wrote the screenplay for "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Related: Homer describes the sky as "bronze" a few times in the Odyssey and Iliad, and there's a bunch of interpretations: Homer was colour blind, or he was poetically saying it was bright and shining, or what if he was describing a smoggy day or a sunset? But consider the patina on bronze. Yes, it is green. But several ancient cultures referred to the sky as "the green" and if you look at a patina'd metal statue against the sky, the saturation levels are similar. Homer, you clever bastard.

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The sky is so clear and bright today that I could find so many words to describe it, yet I'm thinking about the languages that took a long time to develop a word for blue and wondering how even though I know why.

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Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan advertisement, late 1920s/early 1930s. Art by Kashō Takabatake.

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