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Every time I had a black phone case, I'd put it down and be unable to find it because it was on something dark or in a shadow or my eyes just skimmed over it when I wasn't wearing my glasses. So this time, I bought a pink, white, & grey case, thinking that would solve everything.

Now I've misplaced my phone:

On my bed with grey & white bedding
Tossed onto a fuzzy pink jacket left on the couch
On a laundry pile with a pink duvet
Beside a white & grey plant pot
On a white & grey counter top

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The gender of the day is a calming harpy on a skeletal pirate ship.

National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day (food, selfie) 

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In other news, the spores from silver ferns can give you some pretty gnarly temporary tattoos 🌿

Tonight: Dreamed 

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Occasionally I'll jerk awake like someone in a film who has had a nightmare, but it's just from a regular dream that's reached a frantic pitch and my mind is racing trying to tie up loose ends or ascribe meaning to a bunch of random scenes that weren't meant to make sense.

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Thinking about that time someone on Wikipedia "just gals being pals!"-d an erotic painting of Sappho

Selfie, weather chat 

Taking a gentle jab at Picard and sci-fi tropes 

Thrift store selfie, LSP 

Unicode/Emoji 13.0 is going to include a headstone emoji (finally, for all your RIP in peace needs), but hopefully it doesn't replace the cemetery glyph (⛼), which needs to stay because map symbols are universally charming.

Food, alcohol, snacking 

My heart is saying "Yes, you need a Gorgon head patterned maxi dress" and my brain is yelling "Cost per wear! Cost per wear!"

Earlier today I mixed up the functions of a paternoster and a funicular, but also forgot the word for funicular and called it a lenticular, so now I'm stuck on the idea of a glass elevator with lenticular prints up the elevator shaft so the picture changes depending on whether it's going up or down.

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