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First night of spring: magnolias that seemingly came up overnight and the evening star

Current goal: Go out for a walk every night after dinner as long as the weather and circumstances permit.

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TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The “kei” trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed

Gabi Fresh just dropped a plus size lingerie collection with Playful Promises that's way more interesting than this season's Savage x Fenty:

Food, unusual vegan meat analogue 

The school board sent an email suspending school indefinitely, and the saving grace of this week and next technically being Spring Break is that it buys me some time to figure out how I'm going to keep the kid up on her academic skills when she thrives on the school routine and has drawn a firm boundary between what she does at school and what she's willing to do at home. (Also, I'm not a teacher or a special education aide so I'll have to go easy on myself too.)

It's almost 2 am, and there are a lot more apartments lit up in one of the buildings across the way than usual. Combination of people who can't sleep from worry, workers on new shifts, and those who let isolation change their sleep schedules?

Hiding out in the bathtub with a can of stout because it's the one place I can go and close the door for solitude without anyone busting in like Steve Urkel.

Coronavirus shitposting, yo Kelis 

Selfie, St. Patrick's Day, it's kind of a snake-themed holiday 

The sky tonight was milky lilac, in a way that actually gave credence to old songs about purple twilight. It felt calming and refreshing to walk toward a pretty colour and to have a few moments to hope for spring and possibility.

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@erinbee I was thinking the other day when I was bored about songs they'll ban off the radio.

I got as far as Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne, Rhythm Of The Night by Corona, the aforementioned Sixpence None The Richer and In Da Club by 50 Cent

The drugstore stereo system had "Don't Stand So Close To Me" playing (good advice) immediately followed by "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer (very bad advice)

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Getting real Decameron-of-Boccaccio these days

Time to socially distance and tell horny stories like it's 1353

How cute is this cloud?! I signed up for a weaving workshop thinking that this was a technique I didn't know, but it's just plain weave that puffs up because the roving is too thick to lay flat with the warp. It was worth it though, because weaving on a shaped frame is a lot of fun, and pretty chill. Since you aren't going to take it off the loom, there's not as much worry about maintaining tension.

Junk food 

Instagram pictures of toilet paper hauls are to 2020 what rented pineapples were to 1720

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