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This Animal Crossing tarot art by silkirose is the cutest thing I've seen all week (and forever laughing at the devil):

Thought I heard the start of distant clang of pots and pans and was incredibly confused to see the clock was at 6:40. Turns out something is rattling and echoing a little in my dishwasher.

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Someone on Insta said that Orville from Dodo Airlines looks like Deputy Andy from Twin Peaks' fursona, and now it's impossible to unsee it

Went for a walk at sunset this evening, and it was beautiful and warm and then the new Orville Peck song came on and stopped me right in my tracks on the grass off the sidewalk. Missing a lot of tender things right now and the privacy to have a cry when I need one.

Just noticed a few short white hairs poking up from my scalp and comparing the length against my roots, they're probably about a month old. Thanks for that, global pandemic shock.

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Ad for Holeproof Hosiery, 1920s; art by Coles Phillips.

The best take I've seen about option 2 is that Jim Carrey would be a favourite for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Three options for the 2020 Oscars:

1. Cancelled

2. Most of the qualifying movies are from January-March, because a lot of studios already deferred big films until next year (even if cinemas open again.)

3. With piles of cash and nothing else to do with it, Netflix and Lifetime rent out empty theatres in LA and screen to nobody to get around the "theatrical release" requirement and the Academy is forced to nominate romcoms, sharksploitation flicks, and melodramatic mysteries.

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Please practice social distancing and stay safe, You Beautiful FUCKS 😻 #mastoart #facemask #coronavirus

Movie theatre snacks, loneliness 

Cineplex sent an email of this week's new rentals, and a reminder that they're still open through the delivery apps for snacks and I've never seen such a disproportionately expensive and grim listing of foods. Also, imagine being the concession worker going in to an empty echoing megaplex every night to run the popper and hot dog rack. Are people actually ordering movie theatre nachos?

Canadian politics, COVID, cursed words, is this anything 

Prime Moistener Trudeau

Nobody should get close enough to me to see the 🚫 Dieting badge on my jacket, but it's there in support of all my fat friends and friends of all sizes with eating disorders or who are in recovery; anyone struggling with overwhelm from fatphobic quarantine memes ✊ (And if you're the one sharing these memes: it's tempting to focus on what you feel you can control or to redirect bad feelings through self deprecation, but think about your loved ones who might be hurt by them.)

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choose your quarantine house:

1: pile of books there with you but your glasses are broken
2: you’ve got time but your glasses are broken
3: its not fair but your glasses are broken
4: all the time in the world but your glasses are broken
5: time enough at last but your glasses a

My brother's fiancee texted and asked me to order a bridesmaid's dress online, and despite the site having literally over a hundred styles it felt like one of those "You can have two, choose wisely" scenarios:

- will fit with minimal alterations
- comes in the right colour
- won't sweat to death in August
- isn't weirdly matronly or 90s prom dressish
- doesn't require a strapless bra

I started this last year, put it aside because stitching dark blue thread on black cloth was frustrating me to no end, and now I'm back on it because there's no better time for unfinished projects. (Sure, Michaels is open for curbside pickup if I did get distracted enough to want to start a new one, but getting all of the floss colours for any cross stitch at once from one location is a miracle in the best of times.) There's about 4800 stitches left to do, let's see how far staying in gets me.

Tonight's vibe is "Walking Fast To Sad Songs To Outrun Your Own Problems" and the album for that is Gillian Welch's "The Harrow & The Harvest." (Dark folk/sorrowful Americana gothic)

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