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Your Favorite Music Exists Because of Black People by Jenzia Burgos – a recommended reading list of books and articles about the history of hip-hop, rock, punk, EDM, country, and Reggaeton

If you're a queer on a dating site and list your Harry Potter house in your profile, I'm going to assume you're dog whistling to meet other TERFs, and now that there's a Tingleverse sorting hat there's no excuse for it.

Sometimes when I'm scrolling the Animal Crossing gardening subreddit, my brain doesn't always parse that "w" stands for water, so all the "w4w" requests make me go huh

Barold, they're lesbians

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Selfie, COVID talk 

I'm good at finding small lush spots in otherwise non-aesthetic areas. Also, this is the longest my hair has been in a long time; even though hair salons are allowed to be open (the curve is flattening: the rest of the province has no active COVID cases today but Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley still have hundreds), I'm not going to put anyone at risk just for a haircut.

A crowdsourced list of 1000+ Black artists, producers, and labels you can support tomorrow (June 5) on Bandcamp:

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while we shift focus to donating directly individuals please donate to this gofundme for a woman named Barbara Vernéus to complete her journey to becoming a midwife. the statistics of death for birthing people in the US are abysmal and the truth is that those numbers are disproportionately made up of Black birthing people. one way we can help fix this is by supporting more Black birth workers.

Selfie, heart glasses 

Speaking of heart-shaped sunglasses, I can recommend them and Zenni's tinted lenses. (These are a different shape from the rainbow ones, but they're almost same size and good on bigger faces.)

1950s Elsa Schiaparelli sequined blowfish walking stick purse. (Pics from a seller on 1stDibs, more pictures of someone standing with it on Instagram:

Half wondering how well this would work on a functional cane because it's fun, half thinking this looks like a shiny pallet swap of Zippy from Rainbow

In recognition of the 123rd anniversary of the publication of Bram Stoker's masterpiece, never forget that Dracula was stabbed through the heart by a cowboy.

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I’ve just learned about Diphylleia grayi, otherwise known as Skeleton Flower as its flowers turn translucent when they’re rained on

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@erinbee I am laughing very hard because I just looked into Orpheus in the Underworld, also perfomed in Paris in 1848. It is nowhere near as elegant an insect costume.

Insect costume from "La source" ballet, Paris Opera, 1866.

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fucked up that "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines" is a country and not a band

I bought some Epsom salts that ended up only smelling a little like lavender and a lot like a brominated swimming pool, and now I miss swimming more than ever.

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Herd Of Fuzzy Green 'Glacier Mice' Baffles Scientists

Cute fun story about research into rolling balls of moss that live on glaciers, seem to slowly roll in herds as if coordinating their movement, and host small life forms like even worms!

This style of sweetheart brooch was fairly common in the 1930s and 40s, and usually when they turn up on Etsy it's a man and woman's name together. Was this a BFF thing (BE FRI ST ENDS 1935)? Love token? Anyway, Velma & Gladys Forever.

Food, bad at reading all lowercase usernames 

I parsed the handle "tacomaartmuseum" as Taco Maritime Museum, and is a pirate themed Baja restaurant a thing?

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