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December 2019: I had a rough day; my anxiety was up due to something outside my control and the weather was awful, so I went to the mall to walk around and try to take my mind off things. Anyway, I ended up buying (what is for me) an absurd amount of lipstick (5? 6? tubes at once) and justified it later at home by saying "Oh, it lasts for a year, I guess I'll eventually wear it all."

July 2020, tidying up my personal grooming stuff: Oh, Erin you sweet summer child.

(Also fun, the woman praying at the forefront of the right hand side is named Livina Cats van Welle, and cat jacket guy is one of her sons.)

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Who among us would not wear their sickest cat shirt to witness Christ's resurrection of Lazarus?

("Triptych of the Micault Family" by Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen, mid-1500s)

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(I had this posted before that the bigger bird was scaring the smaller one because I had it mixed up with something else I was reading about ultrablack sea animals using it to lurk and didn't double check my crossed wires. Thanks to @dadegroot for pointing that out)

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TIL there are birds of paradise that have feathers as black or blacker than vantablack. Watch this one ruff out its neck feathers to attract another bird (who apparently wasn't impressed?):

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@erinbee That isn't scaring the other bird, it's a mating ritual. The black (and blue) one is the male, trying to impress the grey female (and if I remember that clip correctly, unsuccessfully).

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Cursed food (meat/alcohol), fun things to do online 

Leaving reviews on recipes for beer can chicken after substituting in Mountain Dew Baja Blast

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Is everyone Ozymandias posting again because it's important not to skip leg day?

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i just found this youtube channel where this guy cooks historical recipes and it's awesome and also he has animal crossing plushies in the backgrounds of his videos so you know he's good people

(Brian Wilson also covered "Be My Baby" and manages to make it sound not much like the Ronettes or the Beach Boys; these 4 songs need to be on one of those political compass memes, I swear.)

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"Be My Baby" by the Ronettes - an absolute classic, if you aren't charmed by it at least a little, you have no heart

"Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys - takes the sound of "Be My Baby" and pays a perfect homage to it

Ronnie Spector covering "Don't Worry Baby" - good idea on paper, whoever did the arrangement sucked it dry of everything catchy about the original two songs, it comes from a flat mirror universe where pop music is bad actually

I didn't want to spend this summer struggling with the unfun feeling of being a huge Cassandra of Troy style buzzkill, but here I am.

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The gender of the day is a hidden mermaid in a threatening graveyard.

The local amusement park has reopened, and "A Souvenir Playland Face Mask is included with paid admission!" as the first search engine result reads like Vonnegut fanfiction.

Listening to Mother Earth's Plantasia (if you're talking about 70s New Age stuff, Moog synth music to help plants grow is way up there), and was thinking I would play a video game with a soundtrack like this. Anyway, the opening riff to "Concerto For Philodendron And Pothos" was driving me up the wall because it sounded incredibly familiar, like a Zelda game? Does anyone else hear that first bit and think it should segue into "Zelda's Lullaby"?

American burlesque dancer Zorita, walking her pet snake; 1937.

Every time I try one of those masculinizing camera filters, I look like a fat version of my brother, with loveable oaf "Hey man, can I crash on your couch for a couple nights" (and then doesn't leave for a month) energy.

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