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It's foggy this morning but there isn't enough chill in the air for a hoodie to be perfect, and I feel cheated.

There's a fair bit of light pollution, but Mars is still by far the brightest thing in the sky tonight and through my window it looks radiant, with literal rays coming off it. Imagining it must be a stunning bright point out where the sky is dark, surrounded by the rest of the milky way.

If thou wouldst to destroy mine tunic
O o o
Pull this thread as I exeunt

Selfie, poofy dress 

I feel like a Halloween cupcake wrapper in this dress, in the best way.

Dear Prudence titled a letter "Superspreader Christmas Wedding" and the cadence means it's intrusively stuck in my head now

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"The Bat - Original Parisian Carnival Mask From Fernand Aubry." - Elegante Welt Magazine, 1951.

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Moon Model Prepared by Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt, Germany. Made of 116 sections of plaster on a framework of wood and metal. Photo taken at the Field Columbian Museum, Chicago; 1898.

COVID-19, food, sex, hot take 

2020 hot take: If you're only worried about diseases, it's safer to fuck on the first date than to go to a restaurant.

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COVID-19, food, sex 

Clutched my pearls hard when I saw people having a conversation about going to a restaurant with Tinder dates, until I realized that sitting maskless 3 feet across the table isn't the only bodily fluid they hope to be exchanging and then I was just angry anyone was in a restaurant at all again. Like, go meet outside before deciding to fuck and keep your exhalations out of the general public. And if you didn't end up liking them but still went to a restaurant? You got played.

Selfies, unseasonable weather 

The weather is back to being like summer again even early in the morning and it's confusing. I made the mistake of putting a cardigan on when I left the house ("It's October! Time to bring out the sweaters!!" No.) and crammed it in my bag at the earliest opportunity. Upside: I could get a coffee after running errands and go to the park, delaying being stuck inside by pandemic winter.

For someone called "Skeleton Queen", she sure covers up most of her bones. Getting close to finishing the part with lots of different colours, hopefully switching thread less often will speed me up and it'll be done by Halloween.

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It's time for this week's #MastoSourcedPlaylist!

This is The One About Non-English Songs! Almost 60 songs in lots of languages! There's a ton of good stuff here, so give it a listen - maybe on shuffle, because I didn't organize this one at all!

As always, let me know if you want to be involved in future lists!

The moon has a beautiful amber tint tonight for an ugly reason (smoke, again) but my first thought on seeing it was Harvest moon! Autumn! because it really looks like an oversaturated painting.

Food (vegan) 

I've been curious about vegan lox for a while, but it seemed like a lot of effort (slow roasting carrots in salt, marinating) for what might end up being one of those foods that people who haven't eaten meat in a while say "It's just like the real thing!" but there's something off about it as a meat analogue or as a standalone veggie. Anyway, this is a packaged one that's a bit more al dente than salmon and admittedly does taste carrot-y by itself, but is perfect on a bagel.

I'm glad I saw a bunch of good shows late last year/early this year because it's made this dry spell of six months bearable, but I am really really starting to miss the whole experience of live music.

Websites that ask for the buyer's size as part of the review process need to let people reading reviews sort by size, especially when the line is size inclusive. There's a lot more variation in body types among people who wear a 3X vs people who wear a medium, for example. A ton of posts that read "I usually go for small, but I bought medium so it would be cute and oversized!" are not useful to me. Show me the person whose XXL was too tight in the thigh and the person who found it perfect!

If I must be inconvenienced by an ocular migraine today, why can't it be the cool visual migraine with the black and white zig zags and rainbow shimmer?

Older Millennials who feel like they have more in common with Gen X were in high school when Daria was originally aired, which had frequently been cited as having cynical Gen X humour. It's almost its own subclade of the overlap Oregon Trail generation/Generation Catalano.

Selfie - jacket season 

It's jacket season again, pals! Time to enjoy the best few weeks of the fall before it's raincoats every day.

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