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Let's coo over this baby bat with the cutest little batwing pacifier.

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Death Blowing Bubbles, stucco detail on the ceiling in the chapel at the Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany. (attributed to Johann Georg Leinberger c. 1730, photographer unknown)

Might fuck around and go full Persephone Days and replace my sublingual tablets with pomegranate flavoured vitamin D gummies.

Until now, I never would have described myself as "salty that cartoon animals in a world with a fixed-length day can't get seasonal affective disorder" but here we are.

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Having it be dark outside my window by 5:30 but opening Animal Crossing to a beautifully bright golden hour is kind of an unexpected downer.

Illustration by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, from "The Enchanted Forest", 1921.

Meat Loaf is The Sisters Of Mercy for your mom, Tenacious D is Meat Loaf for your kid brother

She won't be finished for Halloween, but that just means it's nice to have a seasonal craft to work on today.

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I miss my old apartment right now for two reasons: the living room had an 18 foot ceiling and the balcony was an uncovered terrace, so I could have had multiple places to easily put a 12 foot skeleton.


Saying I'm going to pour three fingers of whiskey sounds more hardcore than it actually is because I have small hands

Christmas music, earlier and earlier 

Any other year it'd be offensive that a streaming service slipped a Christmas song into my recommended new releases before Halloween, but

time is irrelevant this year

I'm exactly the target market for Tegan and Sara going in an "All I Want For Christmas Is You" direction for a romcom soundtrack, I did this to myself

I wish Bandcamp had a way to see the newest releases across all genres/tags at once. (Or am I just missing it?)

Food, meat 

To cheer myself up, I ordered spicy Korean fried chicken from a place I hadn't tried yet. And when the sauce makes your lips burn and nose and eyes water, but it's still sweet and tangy? That's the spot.

That Spider-Mans pointing at each other meme, except it's pandemic stress and PMS

The angles Gordon Ramsay uses in his TikTok videos make him look like he's aging toward resembling like David Lynch, and you know what? A show where Lynch visits restaurants would be fascinating and probably weirdly relaxing.

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It's #MastoSourcedPlaylist Day!

This is The One About Time!
A bunch of songs about time and the passage thereof.

There're some great frickin' songs on this one, so hit shuffle, and crank it up!

As always, if you want to participate in future lists, just let me know!

Total Eclipse Of The Heart is a Halloween song.

A fireplace isn't a requirement for the next place I live, but on a rainy night like this it sure would be comfortable to have one.

This is not a place of honor
This is not a place of honor
This is not a place of honor
No esteemed deed here
Nothing valued!

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