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My Amontillado brings all the boys underground
And they're like, a hateable clown
Damn right, I hate that clown
I'll brick him in, for the love of god

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Moments later, the
door to the attic slowly
opens on its own

Happy new year from one of the last timezones to finally shed the blighted number of the last one. Here's to bringing forward what we need to do to take care of ourselves and others into 2021 💜

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Shortly after, a
tree falls in a forest and
seemingly kills her

It's raining here, and people have still been out off and on all evening setting off fireworks. Nothing like past years or even this Halloween, but some traditions just don't stop.

New Year's Eve selfie 

Sequins to go sit on the couch? Sure, why not. Happy new year, everyone!

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Comfort food 

We made currywurst for dinner tonight and it was good but now I'm feeling bummed out that the little beer and bratwurst joint in Chinatown closed down. Pour one out for all the food spots that went missing in 2020 :(

It's been a long time since I've crocheted (and even longer since I've made something other than a doily), so maybe I didn't stop to consider the colour lengths before buying variegated yarn and I wasn't expecting so much white in this one. But it'll probably end up looking more flecked from a distance once this is a large scarf wrapped around my neck and shoulders, like I'm only focusing on it because it's such a small sample.

This cactus went wild with flowers early December last year and I didn't think it would have any at all in 2020, but it's managed to bring one out and this is the first time I've had a Christmas cactus bloom at Christmas. And maybe there will be two more for 2021? It feels hopeful to have something to watch grow in winter.

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Oh, the weather outside's unseasonable
A fire would be unreasonable
And since at home I'm forced to remain
Let it rain, Let it rain, Let it rain

That Spotify bot called me a "hipster wearing baby bjorn" and I did have exactly that phase earlier in my life, and that baby grew up to sometimes use my Spotify to listen to music that roasts me exactly like that.

Selfies, strange lighting 

No filter, just slow shutter speed and fast and bright LED Christmas lights.

Christmas music, fun actually 

For your rock and roll holiday: A mash up of You're A Mean One Mr Grinch & Seven Nation Army by mash.up.mike:

These 1950s snap-and-match glasses need to come back in style. (Photo from Etsy seller MystiqueVintage)

Death, chain restaurant 

"When you're here, you're Addams family"

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Death, chain restaurant 

There's a funeral home nearby in a beige stucco building and the sign says "Family Owned" and the unnecessary quotation marks are just the perfect point for an ominous forbidden Olive Garden vibe.


Underrated snack: Canned mandarin oranges

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Please enjoy this year's Cognitohazard Holiday playlist, a playlist of songs that sound almost like Christmas songs! Thank you to everyone who participated, we made a good one this year!

I forgot that my driver's license expired this month, so now I have to use my BC Services Card (healthcare/government ID) as photo ID and it says "THIS IS NOT A DRIVER'S LICENSE" on it, which means anyone I hand it to squints hard at it and says "This isn't a driver's license" before grudgingly completing our transaction 🤦‍♀️

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