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I made one joke about an angelic reindeer months ago, now my keyboard regularly suggests "Rudꙮlph" in places where it does not belong

Death, remains, Florida Man, and if there is a rock and roll Heaven you know they have a hell of a band 

'It's pretty metal,' says man who turned his uncle's skeleton into a guitar

"No one's ever made a guitar out of a skeleton, to my surprise. So there is a little bit of a learning curve," he said.

(And of course it's called the Skelecaster.)

I bought a pair of sweatpants for the first time in close to a decade because nobody looks long enough at me anyway and anyone who sees me in sweatpants and thinks I'm fat and lazy is going to think I'm fat and lazy no matter what I'm wearing. Life's too short and quarantine and winter are too long to not be warm and cozy.

Elephants, psychotropics, religion 

Of course the researcher who wrote that elephants ritually worship the moon is the same guy who gave elephants LSD, and also conducted a separate study about if drugs can induce religious behavior in animals and humans

He's got a field of interest, I guess.

Food, advertising 

That realization that the Tropicana commercial has a clip from "Steal My Sunshine" in it and is targeted to me because now I'm the mom who buys orange juice.

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So hey I made functioning tiny guillotine necklaces.

Like the blade will actually drop if you hold it upright and let go.

Chop chop.

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Breakfast food 

I looked up baked beans once and now my news app thinks this is an interest of mine and shows me at least one baked beans related article a day. I also had no idea that people in the UK have so many opinions about beans on toast and that multiple news outlets are willing to pay for them.

Skin hunger is a real concept, but it also sounds like something fake you could die of in a gothic novel

Pined away for a seaside cure
Fever after receiving an upsetting letter
Fell in love with a vampire and suffered skin hunger after experiencing their cold, hollow, inhuman touch

I'm of the opinion that unless you can belt it like Whitney Houston, you shouldn't cover "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)." But, even putting that aside, I came across a cover by one of those whispery sad girl bands and wow was it miserable. It was the complete inversion of the original vibe of owning your desires, which is probably the only way to not bring up comparisons to Whitney. Like an actual dirge by a ghost who can't move on until they feel the heat with somebody.


I don't like cooking greasy food at home, so as soon as it's safe to eat at a restaurant again, a big diner breakfast is high up on my list.

(Eggs Benedict at a good brunch place is on there too, because making Hollandaise for one is a pain. Maybe what I'm really craving is the luxury of someone else making breakfast and having it served hot.)

Lazy plant keeping: Now that I run the dehumidifier constantly, this cactus is thriving slightly out of season. It's also possible to force flowers by making sure the plant is in a dark room 14-16 hours a day, but February does that itself.

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It truly is very funny to watch someone from inside the House try and make this speech praising Hitler seem more palatable

This rollerball essential oil is making me a bit sad, because it smells so good. The blend is called "Breeze" and it's bergamot and oakmoss, and it has a cooling feeling, a breeze and the same sort of tangy earthy kind of salty smell that scratches the part of my memory that makes me think of walking along a damp cedar trail to the beach (even though it also doesn't smell like that, if you know what I mean). Anyway, looks like beach camping will have to wait for another summer.

I just saw someone describe Sigmund Freud's mom as a big titty goth girlfriend and it's a good thing it's the 31st because I've definitely had enough internet for the month.

It's obviously some sort of data mining thing, but I can't quite figure out the angle or reason: Someone (or someones) keep uploading albums to Bandcamp that are listed as pop or alternative under a basic first name/last name, they are priced at $30 or $40, have simple two or three word named tracks, and the music is usually late 90s Top 40 music with no edits.

Just imagining the absolute nightmare people calling Vans customer service to complain that they can't find Waldo

I'm kind of obsessed with both of The Beths' albums right now, not just because I dig their sound, but because whoever did the sequencing put everything together so well. Even tracks that I'm meh on, I don't feel compelled to skip because they still fit where they are and don't take away from how good the really good ones are.

Exercise, walking 

I managed to track 32 km of walking this week (5 walks, each between 5 and 8 km), and it feels good to have reached a point where I'm more constrained by available time than by stamina.

Anyway, if I keep this up my year end music charts are going to be filled with pop and indie rock because that's the tempo that keeps me going and 5km is usually one album and a handful of stuff from my general ❤️ playlist.

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