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That goth football house in Baltimore belongs to Edgar Allan Bro

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These Art Deco-ish bat earrings are making me strongly regret that I let my ear piercings close up during the last year.

"Fungible" is not a word I ever used often, so I guess I kind of kept it in the same mind space as "tangible" so everytime I see NFT, my brain flashes with "It's digital, of course you can't touch it."

Sir Medus-A-Lot: My anacondas don't want none unless you got stunned, hon

It's after midnight and I'm torn between two bad choices – I'm craving a glass of chocolate milk and it's keeping me up, or: Drink the closest thing in the fridge that would satisfy the craving, which is a bottle of cold brew mocha almond milk with a label that brags about containing extra espresso.

I don't use faces very much though lately? The hand gestures seem more expressive in conversation, and there's a lot of images that make good punctuation to imply a good mood without having to think about how different variations of smiley might be interpreted

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There's a meme going around that the last five non-face emoji you used is your aesthetic, and mine's kind of gentle?


Alcohol, COVID, early 2020 

My photo app reminded me I went to a beer and coffee tasting festival at the end of last February, with reusable glasses rinsed between drinks. At one point I said to the people I was with, "The servers are handling things that people have had against their mouths, seems kind of sketchy with that coronavirus going around. Maybe I should head out?" And they were like, "Haha, Erin, you fuckin' germphobe." Who's the fuckin' germphobe now?!? (Spoiler: most of us)

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Surprisingly, it's taken this long in the pandemic to have seen someone wearing a face mask with the Silence of the Lambs death's-head moth on it. (A while back I saw someone wearing a mask with Hannibal Lecter on it, which was weird. Not printed to look like his muzzle, just straight up Anthony Hopkins' face.)

A rare dusting of snow outside on the same day the snow finally disappeared for the year in Animal Crossing.

Semi-related, whatever happened to that planned gritty Clueless reboot that was cringingly described as a bisexually lit Adderall-fueled story about Dionne trying to solve the mystery behind Cher's disappearance?

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Netflix's upcoming Wednesday Addams teen detective show already has "Tim Burton's Riverdale" written all over it

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Short Skirt/Long Jacket came out in 2001?? My mind always holds an earlier spot for it because it's so...Gen X-y. As a millennial adult, I'm like, "A girl with uninterrupted prosperity? A short skirt AND a long jacket? In this economy?"

(And before anyone says "This is the Cake guy's fantasy", yes. But. Millennials don't even really fuck with that business-y stereotype.)

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@erinbee There *might* be a war soon, there's some grumbling from the Kaiser, but you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be the war to end all wars!!

(Honorable mention to stories set in 1912 where a character has a premonition or dream about a boat sinking, yet the story has nothing to do with the Titanic and it's never mentioned again.)

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