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Dracula Daily, May 11 (ableist language because this is a Gothic novel from 1897) 

Introducing teen goth, Lucy "Oh? The guy who took me to a pop concert? My mom likes him. But do you know who else is really hot? The doctor at the lunatic asylum. He's SO intense 😍" Westenra.

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I have read
the Scary Stories
that were in
the book

and which
you were probably
to Tell in the Dark

Forgive me
they were Bone-Chilling
so challenged at libraries 1990-1999
and so Scary

Until recently, I thought the line in Mr. Brightside was "Turning snakes into the sea" like I don't even know, the strength of his jealousy was like drowning in a writhing mass of snakes? Being the Saint Patrick of emotions and driving his feelings hissing into the ocean?

It's saints. Not snakes. Presumably he's so jealous it could turn even the purest heart salty 🤦‍♀️

A light display at Maker Faire. (IIRC, it was controlled by a spectrometer?)

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This Twin Peaks looking trunk in a "Live Laugh Love" kind of home decor store. (That "Wildlife" mug above it might be photos of Sasquatches.)

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Hydrangea going off in all colours because it just doesn't know what to do with this soil.

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Someone on Masto asked, "How would a jack-o'-lantern wear pants?" and I happened to have both a pumpkin and appropriately sized jorts.

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We got this for the kid for Christmas, and I just kind of assumed it would go in her room. She likes it in the living room though, and it's now a permanent piece of decor because we all equally live here 🤷‍♀️

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Food, sugar rush 

My partner bought these at the import snack store and I haven't hit the right mood to try them yet. On one hand, I know these will be good on ice cream, like a float sundae. On the other, it's giving Bart and Milhouse going on that all-syrup Squishee bender.

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I washed a load of fuschia towels, and the lint was pretty great.

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Food, illness mention 

Give the people what they want, and what they want is cookie dough that won't give them salmonella! 🙏

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Someone must have been turned down the day before Valentine's.

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My brother sent this to me because he knew I'd ask "Why is Pikachu dabbing?"

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Something was up with these streetlights and they were giving off a purplish light, but my camera only wanted to capture it as cobalt blue. Oh, white balance.

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