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Despite the catalogue listing ("Carved Shell Trumpet" and similarity to other shell instruments (, this shell has been cut in half, so it was likely ornamental or worn as a pendant.

(Carved Shell, c. 1200-1500; Veracruz, Mexico, North America)

"The struggle itself towards the treats is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine the Trix Rabbit happy."

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Important: there was a Barbie Dream Supercomputer in the 60s

Dracula Daily, June 18 

Dr. Seward just casually forgetting to give two fucks that one of his patients is causing an infestation.

Seward on June 5: Renfield, you've got way too many flies in your room.

Renfield: Ok, give me three days to clear them out.

Seward, 2 weeks later: He's leaving food out to attract flies so he can catch spiders, what a wacky chap!

Food, nostalgia 

Partner was asking if I'd make lasagna if he could get his mom's recipe, and I told him I already knew it.

"It's the one from the side of the Catelli box in the 80s."

"How do you know that?"

"Because it's the exact same as the one my mom made, but your mom puts black olives in hers and skips the spinach. Every non-Italian mom was making lasagna with cottage cheese in it from that recipe."

Convenience food, vegetarian (follow up) 

I'm impressed – the crust was sturdy enough to stand up to all that sauce and the soft red peppers, and the cheese was good and creamy. My only nitpick is having to add salt, things already high in sodium shouldn't need extra to brighten up the flavours. Probably going to grab a few more while they're still on sale because while it's more expensive than other frozen pizzas, it's still cheaper (and better) than the veg pizzas from the local delivery places.

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Convenience food, vegetarian 

I've got high hopes for this frozen pizza because it looks this good right out of the box and the pesto smell is strong.

Selfies, OOTD 

Linen grandma meets 70s meets rave pants. I wonder what these would glow like under black light?

She's also done a chia car and she has updates on her Instagram about what happens when you stop watering your chia toilet.

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Ali Spagnola covered a tuxedo in Chia seeds and it's amazing (even though it started to fall apart). I don't know if she used all 45 pounds of seeds she had, but this has got to be heavy. (Has anyone tried to make a living weighted blanket? :blobgalaxythink:)

Short clip showing it off:

Long process video:

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@Pixley 4th century CE mosaic from Halicarnassus that just reads “Health, Life, Joy, Peace, Good Cheer, Hope”:

My favourite internet pedants are the ones who are irritated enough to comment on anything about "Ode To Billie Joe" by Bobbie Gentry to explain that the Tallahatchie Bridge isn't anywhere near Choctaw Ridge. The people demand geographically accurate rhyming couplets in Southern Gothic ballads!

"Yo dawg, I heard relationships are hard for you because you have Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria, so I put some reasons people reject you in this listicle so you can feel sensitive and dysphoric."

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So much relationship advice for people with ADHD is just "You know all those things people find annoying about you? The closer people are to you, the more chances they have to become irritated with everything you do! You're going to let down and burn out every partner who is tricked into being with you. Oh right, advice? Make lists to keep track of important stuff. You'll know what's important when your neurotypical wife can't bottle it up inside any more (because only hetero men have ADHD)."

Type of guy, The Great Gatsby, poking fun at diet culture 

Type of guy whose first time reading The Great Gatsby is this ebook and his only take away is that Tom Buchanan is more muscular than Gatsby, so he goes through and finds every food Tom eats or serves at his house and publishes "Great Like Gatsby, Buff Like Buchanan: Get Jazz Age Jacked."

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This looks like it was rushed out on the day the novel became public domain, with one small change made: It's J. Gatsby, not Jay, and the 'J' is for 'Jacked.' (h/t to @kiosk for this literary discovery.)

Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

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urology is the study of whatever ur interested in

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Got looking at the wikipedia page on Jack and the Bean Stalk for reasons, and found this gem of a research paper which figures that some fairy tales are at least as old as the Indo-European language split.

[Comparative phylogenetic analyses uncover the ancient roots of Indo-European folktales]

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