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Sir Patrick Stewart in what he called one of the most distinguished bits of work he has done in the US, Sesame Street "Soliloquy On B"

Old enough to remember video rental places having a "Japanimation" section, but not so old to continue calling it that after learning the word "anime."

For my part, I'm always blown away by the density in the North Eastern US, and I'm like oh come on, you NEVER take the train a couple hours to any number of major cities near you? And then they say "Two and a half hours though!" And I think of my rural in laws who drive that to stock up at Costco sometimes, and wow our senses of scale are different. So it makes sense to me that their mental spatial map just assumes Alaska is right there, even though it's weird to hear.

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The package shipped from New York, so odds are it's in Ontario (probably Mississauga). It just reminds me of talking to people from the Eastern US who have no concept of what Western North America is like, geographically.

"I've been to Toronto (or Montreal), how close is Vancouver to that?"

"Nowhere near, it's a couple hours north of Seattle."

"Close to Alaska then?"


"It's actually closer to San Francisco than Toronto."

"I forgot Canada had a west coast, it snows near the Pacific?"

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Thanks UPS tracking, for telling me my package is on the way and is in Canada. Very useful, wow.

I'm amused by the differences in reviews for the upcoming adaptation of Persuasion.

English reviews: They've done worse than massacre Jane Austen, they've /Fleabagged/ her!

American reviews: OMG, it's Bridgerton Jones' Diary 😍

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Spoonflower keeps doing wallpaper sales instead of fabric sales and for SOME reason no one ever buys my designs on wallpaper.


There's a certain type of woman, usually in her fifties or sixties, who recognizes when other women have put effort into their look but it's not for the male gaze or professionalism, and she doesn't know how to process that but wants to say something positive: "That's a funky outfit!" Thanks to all the Susans and Carols out there inadvertently affirming queer style!

Selfie, OOTD, space ladies 

I wear this shirt once a week, easily. Even though nobody around me gets it. ("That shirt is...different" type comments.) But what's not to get? It's got ladies who are planets, action posing with lightning bolts. The downside of ordering large prints online is that mass cutting means positioning isn't always great and you don't see it until you get it. The pattern on the back is better than the front, but this one sleeve has just perfect placement.

When I was a kid, I thought one of the lyrics in Margaritaville was "Some people claim that there's a wormhole to blame." That's how his shaker of salt got lost!

Food, dairy 

The blue Chapman's creamsicle is supposed to be fruit punch flavour, but it's almost spot on for what I remember Betty Crocker cherry chip cake tasting like. Fake maraschino cherry and vanilla. Not that I've had cherry chip cake in almost 30 years, but sensory memories can be long lasting like that. Maybe I need to buy a box and make cupcakes, though I bet the recipe has changed since then.

Staffordshire teapot painted to look like crinoidal limestone (fossils of sea creatures from the Carboniferous Era). This teapot looks so modern, but it was made in the 1760s!

Discovered a new awful type of guy in the comments of an article about tracking apps and data privacy: Type of guy who thinks women use period trackers because they're addicted to social media

Infants are near-sighted with limited colour vision, so the best things for them to look at are high contrast. This guy's makeup is like the opposite of dazzle camouflage to babies, and I think that's beautiful.

Feeling annoyed that Crave advertises itself heavily as Canada's hook up for HBO, but because of licensing there's stuff that isn't available. I just want to watch season 2 of Tuca and Bertie conveniently, without having to fuck around with a VPN or go looking for it elsewhere.

Certain as the sun
Brings the sky to life
Tale as old as time
Voice as old as rhyme
Borat and My Wife

No idea what's going on here, but we can all respect a himbo carrying books.

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Scunthorpe Sans: A s*** font that f***ing censors bad language automatically

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@erinbee or take it to a jeweler, they might have laser welding gear and they'll definitely be good at fixing small fiddly things

I'm in need of some solder advice, and I'm certain at least one of you will be able to help.

I have a pair of eyeglasses that broke on the hinge between the arm and front. The frames are plastic, and the hinge is metal and kind of embedded so there's no easy way to remove and replace. I don't want to use solder with lead in it to repair it, and even though it won't touch my skin I'd like to use something that is safe(r) for that. Any recs?

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