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I have a habit of crunching into hard candy and grinding it up between my teeth, and without thinking I did that with a benzocaine throat lozenge. It feels like microdosing leaving the dentist's office.

Dracula Daily, September 7 

Van Helsing (looking at Holmwood): It has the juice. I can't imagine a more beautiful thing.

Going to have to add yuzu to my grocery list, because I just had a wonderful yuzu espresso tonic and there's still a few weeks left of peak* ice coffee season.

* I'm a year round ice coffee person; if you know, you know.

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Living stones!

I've wanted some lithops plants for a long time, and it was a good season to get one because they grow new leaves and bloom in the winter. Can't wait to see if this one has yellow or white flowers.

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Heyo, friends! I maintain a list of space opera novels by cisgender women, trans, and non-binary authors. Suggest works via the link, & share with everyone who might find it of use!

You can find the list right here:


There's no fall chill in the air yet, but it's still nice to be eating dinner when the sun is getting low in the sky.

Daily Dracula, September 2 (malpractice) 

I'm having a hard time determining if part of the horror is how awful the medical professionals are.

Holmwood: I trust Dr. Seward to treat my most beloved.

(Seward uses his position as a doctor to choloroform himself, plays mind games with mentally ill patients)

Seward: I'm great, but you know who is an even better doctor than me? Van Helsing.

Van Helsing: Lol, remember that time you treated me for a cut I let become gangrenous? Good times, good times.

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Daily Dracula, September 2 

Did anyone else read Van Helsing's "that time you suck from my wound so swiftly the poison of the gangrene from that knife that our other friend, too nervous, let slip" as being similar to Robert Liston's operation with the 300% fatality rate? Ah, 19th century surgery.

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I am always thinking about how little we know about the past because of how fragile everything that isn't stone or metal is and how many of the little everyday things have been lost to time, on that note please check out this swan stuffed animal from the 4th century BC!

Kiddo has been watching her favourite episode of Garfield over and over (one about the rodeo), and it has someone singing "Home on the Range" which reminds me of a corny math teacher I had in high school. He taught us to remember that the range in a graph is the Y-axis by singing

Home, home on the range
Where the deer and the antelope fall off
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
Because everyone just falls off

Sunset on the inlet, just after the sun itself dipped below the mountains. From a distance, Canada geese look almost elegant on the water.

An Atlas moth was seen in the wild in Washington state, and I'm a whirl of mixed feelings about it. Bellevue definitely isn't a "dry, tropical forest" so it's probably a freak occurrence, but is the climate changing enough to support them? And I'd love to see an Atlas moth (once) IRL, but if they started flying around up here on the reg, I'd be panicked as hell because my depth perception isn't great and anything that flies nearish to my face startles me.

It's that Advil joke, but skincare vloggers are like, "Welcome to your mid-twenties, you should have purse retinol, car retinol, and bedside retinol."

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Every time I look up skincare reviews and they're full of clear-faced twenty year olds saying things like "I don't know how effective it is as a treatment because I'm using it as a preventative..." I want to shout "I am thirty or forty years old, and I do not need this."

Dracula Daily, August 19 

Poor Mina, she needs a vacation from her vacations. (Staying up all night to supervise a sleepwalker, going to a nunnery to pick up her traumatized fiancé.)

A while ago I called Seward the protagonist of a lost Decemberists song, but even the Decemberists aren't going to touch the level of old time maudlin that "chloroforming myself to forget being dumped" reaches.

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Feel like shit, I just want unidentified person from 1850 daguerreotype back

Luis Guzman looks old enough to be my dad, because he is older than my Dad. When you're creepy and kooky/mysterious and spooky, age doesn't matter so much; but the timeline of this is causing me to spin out on my own aging and mortality.

(Gomez and Morticia in 1997 Hot Topic would be a vibe, though.)

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Oh, and Gomez and Morticia were supposed to be at this school 25 years ago? (According to some press, Wednesday solves a mystery at her boarding school that took place then, and her parents were involved.) This makes zero sense to me unless the Addamses were teachers and not students, because I was in highschool then and Luis Guzman looks almost old enough to be my dad.

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