The campiest moment in any Star Trek episode, ever.

- Reanimated corpse of grandma? ✔️
- Possessed by an alien sex ghost? ✔️
- Velvet-lined Dracula-ass coffin from Spirit Halloween? ✔️
- Attacking a robot and the guy from Reading Rainbow? ✔️
- With that one 90s lightning effect? ✔️

Bonus: Gravestones for "Vader" and "McFly" in a
24th century skeuomorphic crumbling neo-Victorian cemetery ✔️✔️✔️

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Beverly Crusher A V.C. Andrews novel
"I did fall asleep reading a particularly erotic chapter in my grandmother's journal..."

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@erinbee omg we remember this episode
14-year-old us was like "NO don't set up a power transfer beam, that ALWAYS causes bad stuff to happen" and then the ghost was like "haha I can travel along the beam" and our father was like "wow you know this show pretty well don't you"

@erinbee I had almost successfully forgotten that episode, and now I have to start all over again. *Grumbles all the way to the brain bleach cupboard*

@erinbee I remember seeing this when I did my watch through of TNG a few years ago and thinking, "I can believe that this was an TNG episodes, I can't believe it was in SEASON SEVEN."

@erinbee you forgot the scene where the doctor has sex with the space ghost and it's just drawn out uncomfortably long heavy breathing and you can't even see the space ghost

@erinbee I've watched Allison Preglers video about that episode like 10 times that episode is so ridiculous

@revolverocelot Ok, I lost it at "13 seconds in and Picard instantly wants out of this" and could not stop giggling through the rest


I couldn't believe that there are *two* TNG episodes of "crew-member is totally cool with being sexually violated by a mysterious alien."

@xinjinmeng It really makes you think about 1. How overused "violated by a spirit" is in 80s and 90s TV/film and 2. Why did the writers decide that was a trope they needed to visit multiple times? I think it pales in comparison with the rest of the episode.
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